WordPress vs DreamWeaver: All Explained

Many people considering building a web page or website have heard of WordPress and Dreamweaver but are unsure of which one is most suited to them.

A lot of people think that Dreamweaver and WordPress are similar when in actual fact they are quite different. In this article I shall explain what they both are and give you a better understanding of the similarities and differences. Hopefully this article will help you decide which platform is best suited to you.

WordPress – Info and Features

WPWordPress is the worlds largest self hosted blogging tool. WordPress is used on millions of sites and seen by millions of people everyday. Anyone can use WordPress to build a blog or a website and best of all it’s free! WordPress was originally meant solely for bloggers but it is now capable of so much more.

WordPress is essentially a content management system which means it can run full sized business websites allowing multiple users to manage and edit the content.

WordPress designs are based on themes so you can easily customize the look and feel of your site. You don’t need any knowledge of HTML coding and you can edit pages from anywhere that has a connection to the internet. You can get Free themes for the WordPress directory however for more visually attractive designs you should consider purchasing a premium theme from Themeforest or similar sites.

WordPress has blogging content that allows you to update your site frequently and reply to your customers and potential customers should they comment on the posts on your site. Its very similar to how news websites operate. They publish news stories, people get involved and comment. Search engines love new content so this is a great feature.

Dreamweaver – Info and Features

DWDreamweaver is a program installed on your computer, whereas WordPress is a CMS available on the internet. The first big difference to bring to your attention would be that WordPress is free and Dreamweaver costs hundreds of pounds let alone requires HTML knowledge and understanding.

WordPress and Dreamweaver however are not meant to compete against each other, in fact Dreamweaver has inbuilt tools meant to work well with WordPress. The bottom line is both products generate websites.

If you are looking to build a website for a one off project or your business, my advice to you is learn some HTML and CSS and use WordPress to build your site. You can simple install themes and customise with very little coding knowledge. It’s the easiest beginner solution.

If you are looking into becoming a full time web designer or company like Doublespark then it may be worth investing in Dreamweaver so you can build custom designs and websites yourself without the use of pre build themes.

Some Video Tutorials

If you have decided that WordPress is the platform for you, watching this video may also give you some helpful advice on getting started >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jexUS43sdeQ

Or if you have made your mind up and have chosen Dreamweaver, watching this video will  give you an idea on how to create simple web pages >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBWiS6soZfs

If you are still unsure there are many more tutorials and tutorial videos on the internet for you to look at. Hopefully this article has helped you to make your mind up and given you useful information about both website building options.

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