WiFi Gadgets to Help Exploit Your Broadband

Broadband connections are great, they give us the ability to go online at much higher speeds than the good old dial-up Internet days, but did you know that a lot of the time your broadband connections are unused?

If you want to get more value out of your business broadband, then check out these cool gadgets you can use to exploit your broadband connections!

Kühl Wireless Air Conditioner

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The Kühl residential air conditioning unit for rooms is a split level system that is installed by a window in the room you want to cool. Normally there is not much to say about air conditioning units as most people know what they are – they cool rooms on hot days. This particular air conditioning system is different to the rest, because rather than having to manually adjust the desired temperature in your room, you can wirelessly control the device from the comfort of your smartphone or computer – regardless of whether you are at home, at work, on in a completely different country! This air conditioner is wirelessly connected to the Internet which means you can set up schedules for when it turns on or off. For example; if you are at work and it is a really hot day, you can set it to cool the room say an hour before you get home!


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Everyone knows about digital photo frames, you plug in an SD card or USB stick and it displays images in a slideshow from them but the problem with digital photo frames is that you have to constantly update the media with new pictures. Not anymore. With the Instacube, you don’t have to update any photos yourself because it does it all for you! It is essentially a device that streams your Instagram feed via a wireless Internet connection. Now you will never have stale old photos, because you will always see your latest snaps!

LIFX Wireless Light Bulb

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The LIFX bulb is a light bulb that is energy efficient and can be controlled wirelessly via your smartphone! You can control the brightness of the bulb, and it is multi-coloured too so you can even change the colours according to your mood!

It has other great features too, such as the ability to set the light to come on and off automatically at certain times.

PURE Evoke Flow DAB Internet Radio

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DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radios are awesome because you get to listen to digital quality radio rather than crackly analogue audio.

The PURE Evoke Flow DAB Internet Radio takes such awesomeness to the next level by enabling the radio to connect to the Internet using your wireless broadband connection, and letting you listen to music, news and sports broadcasts from radio stations all around the world!

An added bonus of this device is that you can also wirelessly connect it to your PC or Apple Mac computer and stream your favourite music to it wherever you are in the house!

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