What You Need To Do To Use Your Phone Abroad

Holiday Phone

Taking your mobile abroad and using it without having any special call package or data package in place can prove to be a costly mistake. Talking to your loved ones can cost you as much as £1.30 a minute. With that in mind you sure as hell don’t want any nasty surprises when you receive your next bill, so here’s what you need to do to use your phone abroad:

Mobile Roaming

When you use your mobile abroad it’s classed as mobile roaming. This means your phone is connecting to a network overseas and calls will be routed from that network provider instead of your usual home provider, and at a huge price. Sometimes this doesn’t just apply abroad. Did you know you could visit the white cliffs of dover and connect to a network overseas accidentally?

Using your phone while abroad can vary in price, but you’d be looking at at least £3 for a 10 minute call, maybe even as much as £30 for 10 minutes!

Check With Your Provider

Every network provider differs so you’ll have to hash out the details with them before you go. However, worldwide it’s free to receive texts so ask your friends and family to message you, not call you. Outside of Europe it can cost as much as 50p to reply to a text message, so try to keep your messages short and sweet, and don’t forget to take advantage of text speak, or “txt spk”. Make sure you aren’t rallying back and forth with your messages as this could cost you more than you realise, very quickly indeed.

Some network providers may have a holiday package for you to take advantage of, where you get so many calls/texts overseas and internet data for a certain price. This can usually be done for pay as you go and contract phones, so be sure you give them a call to check the details.

Data Roaming

Data roaming can be the most costly thing when away, so it’s imperative you use it wisely. Before you leave, switch off all data roaming. This includes any app or push notifications. Then you should be able to use Wifi hotspots on holiday for free, but make sure you don’t download anything! Definitely don’t download any TV programs or films to watch while abroad, you could rack up a bill that would pay for your cinema trips for life! Instead, guess what you’d like to watch before you leave and download the films and programs in advance.

If you feel as if you can’t be without social networks such as Facebook or Instagram for very long though, you should consider checking with your network provider again to see if they can give you a set price on data. T mobile do “internet boosters” especially for your holiday abroad, and you can choose whether to spend £1, £5, or £10 extra.

Ignore Your Voicemail

You won’t get charged if somebody leaves you a voicemail message, but whatever you do don’t listen to it! This will be around the same price as calling the UK, and is a total waste of money if somebody simply called you with their phone in their pocket.

Guest Blogger Amie Carlton is a travel blogger for frenchgrammar.eu and covers pretty much everything you need to know and where you need to go on holiday!

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