Does Your Website Have The Green Light For Increased Traffic?

In the fierce playground of modern business, a great website can become your company’s greatest asset. Even if your venture primarily deals with an offline market, recognising that audiences are accessing online data is key. Unfortunately, if they aren’t embracing your site, they’re probably looking at one of your competitors.

There are many contributing elements to building a great website, but your ultimate goal is to win new visitors and then keep them. Create that steady stream of traffic, and you will reap the rewards through increased sales both online and offline.

So how do you ensure your business stands out from the crowd? Here’s all you need to know.

#1. Build A Platform     

Before worrying about gaining new visitors, you need to know that the website is ready to handle them. There’s no point in having people visit your site if the design discourages them from pursuing their interest. Therefore, employing a crisp layout with easy to use navigation is vital.

Perhaps more crucially, though, you need to know your site won’t suffer downtime and bandwidth issues. With this in mind, your choice of web host is vital. While it’s important to walk before you run, an inadequate choice here will place a cap of your possibilities.   

#2. Embrace Google

When you want to look for a specific product or service on the internet, where do you go? If the answer isn’t Google, it’s probably another search engine like Bing or Yahoo. Moreover, when you do complete a search, over 90% of your subsequent click will be a page on the first page. From a business perspective, then, finding ways to appear there is pivotal.

SEO is a complex field to master, and it’s imperative that you follow the latest trends. Tags, backlinks, and metadata are all important factors. If you haven’t got the time to learn those features, hire an expert. Seriously, this is not an area where you can afford to miss out.

#3. Show Personality

Being seen is one thing, but being heard is another altogether. If you want your website to succeed, it needs to resonate with your target market. Given that you already know who it is you’re aiming to please, tailoring your marketing schemes accordingly is essential.

People buy from people, even in the online arena. Providing an added insight is a crucial part of gaining a brand identity. Video marketing is a great option, especially when you have the right cameras. Meanwhile, simply interacting through social media can help build that stronger bond too.  

#4. Encourage Familiarity

Online audiences aren’t as easily swayed as they once were, though. If you are going to see a big response, you need to help users gain a familiarity with your company. Social media pages are the perfect way to keep your business fresh in the mind of your existing followers. But what about new customers?

Seeing an advert of potential interest multiple times will eventually lead to a visit. With this in mind, pay per click advertising can be a particularly useful method, not least because it’s cost-effective. Sponsoring products that share a similar audience to yours can be another beneficial solution too. Not only does the familiarity spark extra interest, but it also boosts perceptions of the brand.

#5. Provide Extra Incentives

Buying products online isn’t the only reason for wanting people to visit your site. In fact, many websites don’t even offer this facility. The increased exposure and professionalism are huge rewards in themselves. And they will boost the company’s overall success. So why not give your users additional reasons to visit.

Starting a blog can be a great way to promote products, give insight into the company, and commentate on the industry as a whole. Establish yourself as a beacon of information, and readers will soon start to place their trust in your opinions. In turn, that trust can lead to them using your products and services too.  

#6. Go Mobile

Let’s face it; the way we interact with the World Wide Web has evolved. Nowadays, most people are just as likely to access data via their phones or tablets as they are their PC. Therefore, any opportunity to embrace this growing audience should be grabbed with both hands. Launching a simple App could be the ultimate answer.

In addition to making the process easier for this demographic, it makes the business look bigger and better. Given that you can even use push notifications to promote the website directly to the customer’s pocket too, it becomes a no-brainer.

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