Unique Gift Ideas: Cool Ways To Print Out Stuff

They say that a picture paints a thousand words, so just think of how many thousands, millions and even billions of words a printer can print out! Erm, anyway, when people need to think of a unique gift idea for friends or loved ones, one of the things that they consider is having a treasured photograph or image printed out for them.

The item in question doesn’t necessarily have to be of a person or group of people, it could be of an inanimate object, maybe even a car, anything really as long as it has a special meaning to that person.

If you’ve got to get someone a special gift soon for an event such as a birthday, anniversary or even if you are preparing for Christmas (it’s only just over 9 months away, don’t you know!) then have you considered getting them a professionally printed photograph or image?

Forget about using your inkjet printer, because here are some ideas that you can get a pro to do – and they won’t cost you the Earth either!


Photo source: Nancy Harris Eldredge-Huett.

Most folks usually have some kind of colourful or pattern cushions that they have on their sofas, but did you know that you can have your own bespoke, custom-designed cushions made to your exact requirements?

You could have a picture of a favourite person, pet, car, or even a One Day Travelcard as per the example shown above… In fact, the possibilities are endless!

Sepia photographs on printed text

Photo source: Scrapdolly.

Photographs are normally printed on plain white backgrounds, but if you want to go for something a bit more arty (or maybe even Banksy-esque) then here is a brilliant yet extremely unique idea: have a sepia photograph printed onto some text, such as a page from a dictionary or phone book! You could then have it put in a stylish frame, and it would make the perfect gift idea!

Anniversary reminder

Photo source: Lynsay Parfitt.

Anniversaries are great, because they are those special times of the year where loving couples can celebrate their union and the reasons why they fell in love with each other! Sometimes though, one of them (usually the men) tend to forget the dates of these special occasions. A printed anniversary reminder is a great way to keep those dates memorable forever!

Canvas print

Photo source: Charlotte Hancock.

I absolutely love canvas prints! They are great because you can have virtually any kind of image or photograph you want printed on them, and as per the example above, you can even have a set of canvas prints which reflect a single scene or image!

There are many companies out there that can print out canvas images and photographs for you, ranging from High Street firms to online ones such as Artist-In-Life.

Paw Prints

Photo source: Billie-Jo Williams.

Sometimes people just want cute reminders of their best friends: their dogs! You could always get their pooch to give you a paw print, which you can then scan in later once dried and get professionally printed out and framed.

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