Top Tech Gadgets for Garden Lovers

The future of gardening is drawing closer and closer, as innovative ideas and inventions are changing the way we approach this vital segment of our survival on this planet. Some gadgets are meant to completely replace human labour, while others are meant to let us better monitor, change, or even affect natural conditions in which plants thrive.

Here are some that are available for the general public today: 

Plant Sensor

This gadget is a plant sensor that tracks Sunlight, fertilizer, temperature, and moisture. It sometimes looks like a short branch that divides into two separate ones, sort of like the ones used for slingshots, or simply a short cylinder.

If you take a closer look though, you’ll see that this plant tracker has sensors and has a high-quality build. They are also equipped with high-tech sensors that track all changes in soil temperature, moisture, fertilizer presence, and Sunlight exposure.

The device is simply planted into the soil near your plants, it is synced up with your phone, and within seconds it will give you the data you require.

Robot Mower

As the title suggests, this is a robot lawn mower. It operates on a charging pad and works on a simple signal.

All you are needed to do is to install a simple parameter wire around your yard which the mower won’t cross, and its sensor will take care of the rest. This gadget automatically mows your lawn avoiding flowers and any other objects, thanks to its sensor.

Its only downside is that it can be a little pricey, but it will eliminate that chore for you completely!

The Green Wheel

This is an astonishing, innovative idea that truly brings us the future of gardening. Designed to be used for growing plants in Spacecrafts, the Green Wheel is a large wheel for growing plants by simulating daylight.

The plants are planted within the inner rim and together with the wheel, they rotate around the central LED light source, simulating the effect of Sunrise and Sunset. The water reservoir is also there for irrigation.

This invention is the stuff of tomorrow, and it is definitely a must-have!

Hose Timer

There are several variations of this product on the market, but they are all generally similar in their functionality.

The hose timer lets you control and set up your irrigation patterns and times. The gadget is connecting the hose with the water source, and lets you program various different aspects of the irrigation. It is important to know that it can control all kinds of irrigation devices, from sprinklers to some other types of hoses.

Perhaps the most important feature these gadgets offer is the conserving water program, which lets you postpone watering for a selected period of time, and then also control for how long the watering will last. These gadgets sometimes even let you control them via smartphone applications remotely!

Garden Solar Lighting System

This smart lighting system is purely for aesthetic purposes. They look great in many positions, from surrounding pond liners to partnering a path. These gadgets are planted in the ground anywhere in your garden and acquire solar energy during the day, storing it in their internal battery. At night, they can produce a various array of coloured lights, ideal for mapping out paths in your gardens and lighting out your yard.

They have sensors for daylight, so they automatically turn off and start storing Sunlight in the morning.

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