Top 8 In Car Gadgets for Your New Ride

Let’s face it; we all love having and using gadgets. Pretty much everyone has a gadget of some description in their homes and at work. For you car users, did you know that there are some pretty cool car gadgets that are not only useful, but you will wonder how you ever actually lived without them!

Some people will already be using some car gadgets, but for those of you that are about to get a new car, you should check out these 8 in-car gadgets for your new ride!

Bracketron Nav-Mat Universal GPS Dash Mount

One thing that annoys me about Satnav devices is the fact that when you remove them from your windscreen, they leave a big ‘ring’ mark on there. Or sometimes, they just fall off whilst you are in the middle of driving (which is also unsafe).

To combat this problem, the Bracketron Nav-Mat universal GPS dash mount lets you mount your Satnav on your dashboard, doesn’t leave any marks, and won’t randomly launch itself at you when you’re on the motorway!


Featuring three speakers to offer virtual surround sound, the Jabra FREEWAY lets you make and receive phone calls via a Bluetooth link to your smartphone using just your voice, and it even turns itself off and on again using a motion sensor!

An added bonus with this Bluetooth device is that it has a built-in FM transmitter so you can play your favourite tunes from your smartphone right on your car stereo!

Pure Highway 300Di In-Car DAB

The majority of car stereos installed in cars are analogue, and do not take advantage of digital (DAB) radio transmissions. The good news is that you can make any car stereo DAB-enabled by getting yourself the Pure Highway 300Di In-Car DAB digital radio kit installed in your car.

Henry Car Bin

Although it is not a vacuum cleaner, the equally awesome Henry Car Bin encourages you and your passengers to make sure that snack wrappers, bottles, pay and display car park tickets and in fact any other rubbish normally lining the carpets of your car get put inside Henry instead.

Henry is 19 centimetres tall and 15 centimetres in diameter.

RoadPilot Road Angel Gem

If you are a bit heavy footed on the accelerator pedal, or you travel to unfamiliar roads often and sometimes are a bit unsure what the speed limit is on the road you are travelling on, then the RoadPilot Road Angel Gem will help you out by telling you what the speed limit is, as well your current speed.

RAC QuickFix GO

The RAC QuickFix GO is a Bluetooth handsfree kit and FM transmitter all rolled into one. You simply plug this device into your car’s 9-volt cigar lighter socket and pair it with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to make and receive calls, while the FM transmitter plays the audio from your telephone calls or music through your car’s speakers.

Alpine CDE-171R

If you are in the market for a new car stereo, but don’t want to spend megabucks, then at just £80 the Alpine CDE-171R is the head unit for you!

It has a green illuminated display and features a 50W x 4amplifier, and you can hook up one or two amplifiers to it if you want to beef up your ICE (in-car entertainment) system. With an optional cable, you can also connect your Apple iPhone to it as well and control this head unit via a dedicated app (when you aren’t driving of course).

LUPO 3-Way Charger and USB Port

So you have just bought your car from Carbase used cars (or some other car dealer) and you want to use your cigar lighter to power up your Satnav and charge your smartphone for the journey home, but you only have one socket! What do you do?

The LUPO 3-Way Charger and USB Port aims to fix that problem by converting your single 9-volt cigar lighter socket into a triple socket solution, and you can even charge a USB device simultaneously!

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