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Top 5 Speakers For The Home

Home entertainment has had some drastic changes over the last decade, and it is one that is going to keep on expanding, with HD and 3D TV’s.

What can be important is not just the images you can get but the sound quality you can get from either watching the TV or a film or just listening to your music. So having a good speaker system in your home is paramount.

Here we review 5 of the best from big budget speakers to a more reasonable priced system.

SONOS Playbar – RRP £599

SONOS Playbar

This is a wireless playbar that can stream a whole host of music; from your iTunes, radio, shows and podcasts. The SONOS offers high quality sound with amazing home theatre acoustics.

The playbar can connect to the TV by way of one optical cable, allowing you to enjoy the sounds the quality of sound from the movie you are watching to a game you may be playing on a games console.

It has a 9 speaker system, and is great at automatically adjusting the sounds dependent upon the type of film or action taking place. The wireless speakers for the playbar are easy to set up in the room of your choice; however you could set up several of the speakers throughout the home, so that you can enjoy your music throughout it.

Bose Companion 3 Multimedia Speaker System – RRP £249.00

Bose Companion 3 Multimedia Speaker System

These speakers are designed to work with your PC, great for those who have to listen to music, watch TV or play games on their PC. It provides high quality sounds and a clear audio.

The system comes with 2 desktop speakers that are on stands, and you may thing that you not going to get good quality from such small speakers, but they provide amazingly loud sound, even loud enough for you to need earplugs. To control the speakers it has a device around the size of a computer mouse, that is multifunctional and also great for being easy to handle.

Boston Acoustics 5.1 – RRP £235.00

Boston Acoustics 5.1

This is a compact 5.1 surround sound speaker system; you can choose between a white and black colour that can compliment any home entertainment system. You will also get in the price the wall brackets for the 5 wall speakers. This system features:

  • 8″ vented subwoofer with 100-watt amp
  • BassTrac® circuitry for deep, powerful bass without distortion
  • MagnaGuard® magnetic shielding

SoundFreaq SFQ-01A Wireless Audio System – RRP £128.99

SoundFreaq SFQ-01A Wireless Audio System

This system uses bluetooth to connect your device to it, allowing you to listen to your music whilst you are still holding your smartphone or tablet, so you can continue to check emails, chat with friends or play your games. It provides clear audio at all times and has a great natural bass response as well as vocal clarity for when watching films.

Hercules XPS 101 2.1 – RRP £98.76

Hercules XPS 101 2.1

This system comes with the subwoofer, which offers a driver to the front and also 2 passive woofers to the sides of it, creating an amazing bass to the sound system; you then have the 2 speaker satellites which come with stands, providing the quality of sound for your music.

The system has a sleek design and for the money is a great sound system, even at high volume the system deals with the sounds amazingly and there is no distortion.

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