Top 5 Must Have Macbook Gadgets

If you’re the owner of a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air laptop, then you will no doubt be aware that there are some cool gadgets and accessories out there for your beloved Apple. We round up the top five must-have gadgets for all you MacBook owners out there!


Apple Magic Mouse

Billed as the world’s first multi-touch mouse, the Apple Magic Mouse is included with every iMac that is sold today. The good news is that these Bluetooth mice are also available to buy separately, and they complement the MacBook very well.

The built-in trackpad on today’s MacBooks are great, but if you use your MacBook on a desk or table most of the time, a Magic Mouse makes perfect sense as it gives you the freedom to make more precise mouse movements without being limited to the boundaries of a trackpad.


Apple Wireless Keyboard

This sleek and sexy aluminium keyboard easily connects to your MacBook via a Bluetooth connection, which is great as it doesn’t require the use of a USB port like most wireless keyboards do.

It uses just two AA batteries, and has an intelligent power management system to help conserve battery life. Like the Magic Mouse, these keyboards also come as standard on the iMac desktop computer.


Griffin Elevator Desk Stand

If you use your MacBook at a desk often, then it makes sense to get yourself a Griffin Elevator desk stand. They are very sturdy and with a brushed aluminium design, they make the perfect match for your MacBook.

They also look great in any home or office environment, and because its design offers a full 360 degrees of air circulation they not only keep your MacBook looking cool but also feeling cool too! You may also find Kico cushion lap trays are a good alternative to these stands as you can sit in comfort in your own living toom with a nicely cushioned lap tray.


Apple Thunderbolt Display

The ultimate MacBook gadget is this 27 inch Apple Thunderbolt display. In fact it’s probably a bit of a lie to just refer to it as a display, as it does so much more than a typical monitor. It has MagSafe and Thunderbolt connections, which essentially turn it into a docking station.

The beauty of this display is that it acts as a hub for your MacBook. Not only does it charge your MacBook and output its display, but it also features a FaceTime HD camera, high quality audio output, and a gigabit Ethernet port as well as a Firewire 800 port. All of these features are offered from just one cable from the Thunderbolt display.

An ambient light sensor adjusts the brightness automatically to match your environment, which means that it uses less energy than a traditional monitor. The Apple Thunderbolt display is simply awesome, and you need to get one now if you haven’t already got one!


Apple Time Capsule

Having a MacBook is great, but what would you do if something happened to it that meant you lost all of your precious documents, images, videos and emails? Sadly, a lot of people don’t consider backing up their data as a priority until it’s too late.

The Time Capsule from Apple is the solution to this problem. It is a wireless backup station with a massive 2 TB or 3 TB of storage capacity, and it automatically backs up data from your MacBook and any other Mac you have too.

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