The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets Ever

If, like me you love to have a gadget that works well, you will actually make use of and that is a little bit different, then you may want to keep on reading. The best gadgets have always got to be for the kitchen, as there is so much scope for fun and interesting items. So here are a few of my coolest kitchen gadgets:

1 – Tefal Toast N’ Egg Toaster


This is a great little gadget for those who like to have a healthy but filling breakfast. The toaster itself has wide slots so, bread, bagels or muffins can be toasted in it. To the side is a separate container for you to cook your eggs; this can be either poached or hard boiled. There is also a warming tray which is great for heating up beans, mushrooms or a tomato to complete the yummy breakfast.

2 – Mastrad Chips Maker Chips Maker/ Food Slicer


If your kids love chips and crisps, but you want to keep them healthy then think about buying this cheap but useful gadget. This also comes in some great funky colours and is something that the kids can help out doing too.

It comes with a slicer, and then the dish to simply place your chips into the microwave. This is just not for potato chips either, you can also use sweet potato, carrots  and fruit, like apples or pears.

3 – Scooter Pizza Cutter


A fun way to cut your pizza; the scooter is actually designed like a classic scooter, where the front wheel is used as the pizza cutter. What is even more fun about it, is that it has its own little kickstand to make it stand up when not is use.

4 – Twirling Spaghetti Fork


This is exactly what is says it is. The prongs of the fork twirl around catching the spaghetti so it makes it much easier and less messier to eat. it runs on batteries and is a fun gadget for the whole family.

5 – Crepe Maker


Ideal for pancake day, for breakfast or just a quick pudding this is something to have in the home. The prices on these vary dependent on the size that you get; there are various options available where you can make one at a time, to making several smaller ones, ideal for kids.

6 – Prestige A La Carte Electric Wok


I had never heard about an electric wok before so was intrigued to find out what it can do. The wok is non stick and the handle stays cool so you can easily move it around whilst the rest of it is still hot. It also features a heat resistant base, so that you can actually use it on the table, cook the meal in front of your friends and you won’t have to miss anything.

7 – Bowlboard


When chopping herbs or items you are preparing to cook with, it can be a pain to find lots of bowls to put it all into. This board has 4 separate bowl that are cut into the top of the board; simply chop and then move it into the bowl, then you can work on the next thing.

This post was written by Alex Hughes, a tech blogger, on behalf of Culshaw Bell Kitchens Lanashire.

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