The Best iPhone Apps for Horse Lovers

If you’re a horse owner, or even just a horse lover, you’re probably interested in all things to do with horses. Magazines, books, jewellery, and more. However, have you looked at iPhone apps yet? There are plenty of horse apps out there especially for horse lovers, so if you’ve got an iPhone you simply must download them! There are games, training advice, and even just helpful information that will help you should you plan on owning a horse one day. These apps come highly recommended:

Jumpy Horse

Jumpy horse is a game app perfect for all horse lovers, although the younger generation of horse lovers in particular love this game. You breed your own foals, look after them, and even enter them in competitions! There are mini games you can play too, so you can have loads of fun with your virtual horse. The ratings on this game are very high!

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MP Equine

MP Equine is a great app for horse owners who feel they need advice on health care. You’ll be able to view tutorials on things like leg wrapping, giving your horse medicine like those from, and so much more. You’ll also be able to find answers to common questions on horses, so it’s a great quick reference app to have!

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Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D

Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D is the perfect app for horse lovers who want something a little educational. You can learn all about the horse’s muscles, bones, and organs, then quiz yourself! You can even create your own quiz, so you can concentrate on areas you’d like to learn more on until you’re a fully fledged expert!

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My Horse

The My Horse app is perfect for children, as it gives everyone a chance to own their very own horse. Kids can now own and care for their own virtual horse. Create their dream horse, feed it, ride it, and compete with the horse after they’ve trained it up.

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Equine is like a horse encyclopedia, containing information on over 500 different horse breeds. You can search for any breed you like and learn all about their origin, their colours, temperament, and disciplines. You’ll even be able to view an image of the breed.

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Horse Exercises

This app provides plenty of useful information for horse owners. The app teaches you how to perform certain exercises and how to teach them to your horse, so you can both improve your balance and flexibility! It’s a nice starting point for horse owners, and will improve your riding skills over time.

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Horse Run HD

Horse Run HD is a very addictive game for horse lovers and horse owners alike. Game play is totally unlimited with no levels, making game play even more addictive and fun! You simply have to jump your horse over obstacles without hitting them, but it’s much harder than it first looks! It’s a high adrenaline game that will keep you busy.

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Now horse lovers can have plenty of fun learning about horses, and playing with them too!

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