When searching on the app store for a good beauty app, it can feel a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, amongst all of the rubbish, useless apps, there are a small handful of innovative apps that will really change the way you shop, the makeup you choose, and the way you look after yourself in general. So, without further adieu; here are the beauty apps that the stylists LOVE:

Colour Genius by L’oreal

The question that has long plagued women’s minds has been answered with this nifty little app: what colour should you wear today? The app will take into account the colour of your outfit, time of day, and where you are to suggest lip, eye, and nail colours that will blend, clash, or match your outfit. You can even take a picture of your hand and try out the nail varnish for yourself! You’ll easily be able to learn what colours work well together with this great app.

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Pretty In My Pocket

Pretty in my pocket, otherwise known as “Primp”, is a wonderful beauty review app that you can use when you’re a little confuzzled about the beauty products to buy. If something catches your eye, simply scan the barcode and read thousands of honest reviews before you buy it! You’ll even get to view certain products that have been tested out by other users, and get to see a list of top products.

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My Own

This app cleverly tracks and measures the ageing process, so you can clearly see where you can improve on your skin care regime and any other imperfections. Fine lines, deep wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation will all be tracked with the use of face recognition technology, and you can even measure yourself against other people in your age group.

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Virtual Makeover by Modiface

This virtual makeover app is one of the most realistic available. Take a picture of yourself, and then you’re free to try a variety of celebrity hairstyles and real life beauty products to see if they would suit you! You do need to upgrade to see the full catalogue, and the app is American so you might not recognise some beauty brands…none the less, it’s a brill app!

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We all know there’s a forward facing camera on the iPhone, however; you can’t beat this app when it comes to needing to top up your lippy! Your image is brightened by the app, and you can zoom and freeze the image too. You never need to worry about packing a pocket mirror again, and who knows; you might suddenly realise you need to book in for permanent hair removal above your lip/on your chin/around your eyebrows.

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Drinking lots of water is essential for staying hydrated, alert, and healthy; so this app is perfect for reminding you to get your daily dosage. It can be hard to keep on top of the amount you drink, so use this app to keep track of how much you’re drinking, get reminders to drink, and see a handy little graph at the end of the week.

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You’ll look more beautiful than ever with these fab apps, so don’t hesitate to visit the app store!