The 20 Best Smart Gadgets For Your Home

By current estimates, there will be more than 64 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices worldwide by 2025. That’s a pretty remarkable statistic, and it should show you just how popular smart gadgets and connected home devices are becoming. We think it’s time for everyone to get on board with the revolution. Here are the 20 best smart gadgets for your home.

Smart Home Hubs

  1. Amazon Echo Dot (49.99, Amazon)

As smart speakers-slash-home-hubs go, the Amazon Echo Dot is pretty amazing. This little speaker will do everything Alexa can – tell you the weather, play music for you, set alarms, and plenty more – and it’ll do it all while looking stylish and sleek. Every home should have an Amazon Echo Dot.

  1. Google Nest Hub (£119, Google)

If you want to control all of your home’s smart devices with a touch screen device, there are few choices to match the Google Nest Hub. Its minimalist aesthetic means it’s at home in any location, and its ability to connect with a huge amount of smart devices will provide no end of functionality. It’s also a beautiful digital photo frame.

  1. Samsung SmartThings Hub V3 (£79, Samsung)

This hub doesn’t have a touch screen, but it’s still superlative at controlling and monitoring your smart devices. It’s compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so whichever you prefer is fine. With full automation features, notification settings, and built-in SmartThings settings, this is a great smart home hub.

Smart Thermostats

(4) 1. Tado Smart Thermostat (£199.99, Tado)

Monitoring your home’s temperature has never been easier than with the Tado Smart Thermostat. This smart-looking gadget can show you what your home’s temperature is in real-time. You can create schedules for heating and cooling your home via the free app, and you’ll save on heating costs in the process.

(5) 2. Google Nest Learning Thermostat (£219, Google)

As you might expect, Google comes through again with yet another excellent smart home gadget. The Nest Learning Thermostat, as the name implies, learns what temperatures you like in your home and adjusts the ambience accordingly. It’s also got a staggeringly beautiful interface for those who like aesthetics.

(6) 3. Hive Active Heating (£249, Hive)

Hive’s smart thermostat might be a little on the pricey side, but it’s worth it. There’s something very attractive about that analog-style dial on the front of the unit, and if you don’t need installation, you can get it for £70 less. Otherwise, it’s business as usual; an excellent smart thermostat with all the features and functions you’d expect.

Smart Security Devices

(7) 1. Ring Video Doorbell (£89, Ring)

Whether you’re in or not, it pays to see who’s at the door before you answer. The Ring Video Doorbell will send a feed of your doorstep straight to your smartphone in 720p. It’s got motion activation, so it’ll only fire up when someone’s there, and you can talk to your visitor using the two-way noise-cancellation talk system.

(8) 2. Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock (£199.99, Yale)

Using the Yale Conexis L1, you can enter and exit your home completely keylessly. This prevents criminals from being able to pick your lock and also enables you to grant access to friends or family members who don’t have keys. The design is sleek and effective, and installation is an absolute breeze.

(9) 3. Master Lock 4400 Bluetooth Padlock (£59, Safe)

This Bluetooth padlock works in the same way as other devices; if it’s paired to your smartphone or another device, you can wirelessly lock and unlock it. The Master Lock 4400 is perfect for things like lockers, storerooms, or other things you need to keep safe. The companion app will show you who’s opened the lock and when.

Smart Lighting

(10) 1. Philips Hue Ambience Starter Kit (£113, Amazon)

When it comes to smart lighting, Philips Hue bulbs take quite a bit of beating. The bulbs offer 16 million colours to suit any mood or ambience, they’re easily installed, and they can be synced with the companion Android or iOS app to ensure maximum control. These are great smart lights.

(11) 2. LIFX A60 Smart Bulb (from £54.99, LIFX)

Although the Philips Hue bulbs are difficult to top, LIFX offer superlative competition. The A60 bulb is beautiful and comes with its own companion app; although it’s compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and other voice assistants, you won’t need one to use it. Definitely a viable alternative to Hue.

(12) 3. Hive Active Light Colour Changing Bulb (£44, Hive)

If you’ve got a Hive smart home system, you should probably be stocking up on corresponding Hive products rather than going with competitors. Simply put, buying into the Hive ecosystem means you’re getting a great set of smart products, and the Hive smart bulbs are no different. Excellent, robust smart lighting.

Smart Home Appliances

(13) 1. Anova Precision Cooker (£139, Anova)

The Anova Precision Cooker takes the chore out of cooking. Using this device, you can cook a meal remotely, adjusting temperature and controlling the device from another room (or even another location entirely if you get the Wi-Fi enabled model). It’s hard to imagine life without the Anova Precision Cooker once you’ve got it.

(14) 2. Samsung Family Hub (£1,999, Samsung)

No, you’re not reading that price tag wrong – the Samsung Family Hub fridge really is just shy of £2,000. If you’ve got money to burn, though, it’s a seriously cool (no pun intended) smart device to have in your home. This fridge has so much technology packed into it that it’s a wonder Samsung isn’t charging double.

(15) 3. Eufy RoboVac 30C (£269.99, Amazon)

Here’s the perfect home cleaning solution for anyone who hates hoovering. The Eufy RoboVac 30C can communicate with its own companion app plus Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can run custom cleaning routines, set boundary locations, and watch as your RoboVac automatically increases power around tough spots.

Smart Fitness Tech

(16) 1. Tangram Smart Rope (£79.95, Amazon)

This is a seriously cool piece of fitness tech. You’ll be able to see your fitness data in mid-air thanks to embedded LED lights which display info like calories burned, jump count, and interval training. Tangram’s Smart Gym feature also syncs to Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, and Under Armour fitness services.

(17) 2. Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale (£119.99, Fitbit)

For a comprehensive idea of what your body needs, go no further than Fitbit’s Aria 2 smart scale. This device displays your BMI, your body fat percentage, and your weight, all in one step. It’s a sleek, modern, and stylish addition to any bathroom, and it works with the Fitbit app too, making it the perfect companion for wearables.

(18) 3. Sense-U Clip3 Posture Trainer (£59.99, Amazon)

We could all use a little work on our posture. The Sense-U Clip3 Posture Trainer knows this and is here to help. You simply clip this device onto yourself and it’ll tell you how your posture is and where you need improvement. The companion app tracks improvements and suggests changes, too.

Best of the Rest

(19) 1. Belkin WeMo Switch Smart Plug (£54.49, Amazon)

The Belkin WeMo Insight Switch isn’t like other smart devices. This plug can monitor the electricity and energy usage of your appliances and make smart changes based on schedules and rules you create within the companion app. Use an appliance with this switch and you’ll never need to worry about energy overuse again.

(20) 2. Logitech Harmony Elite Remote (£165.89, Amazon)

It’s time to throw away your old TV remote. The Logitech Harmony remote offers TV functionality, yes, but it’s also a smart home hub compatible with many different smart home protocols. It looks beautiful, offers a huge amount of functionality for the price, and controls other smart home devices into the bargain.

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