The 10 Best Apps For Your iPhone Right Now

Just got yourself a new iPhone? Congratulations – you’re contributing to Apple’s 47% market dominance. Apple’s iOS is sleek, user-friendly, and beautiful, which explains why so many of us love our iPhones as we do. It goes without saying that many of the best iPhone apps are already built into the device, but what exactly are the best iPhone apps right now? If you’ve just got a new iPhone, where should you start? We’re here to provide an answer to that question. Here are the best iPhone apps you can download for your device right now.

Best browser – Safari (Free, built-in)

We’re cheating a little bit with this one, but we genuinely think that Safari is the best browser available for the iPhone right now, which makes it one of the platform’s best apps. With full iCloud sync available, Safari can also be used on other Apple devices, making it essential for ecosystem nuts. Whether you’re checking your daily horoscope or looking up some obscure info to prove your friends wrong, there’s no better browser to do it on than Safari.

Best social media app – TikTok (Free, App Store)

After the demise of Vine back in 2016, another app was needed to fill the void. Step this way, TikTok. In essence, think of TikTok as a sort of combination between Vine and Snapchat. It’s not quite that simple, but TikTok allows users to make short videos and then apply filters, augmented reality components, and more. It’s already become a haven for meme content creators, so if you’re comedically-minded and want somewhere to live, check out TikTok.

Best video streaming app – Netflix (Free – subscription required, App Store)

Despite fierce competition from the likes of Amazon Prime and Disney Plus (although not yet in the UK), Netflix remains the crown jewel in the video streaming service market. Its range of content is still unmatched, although its competitors are definitely giving it some funny looks, and its iOS app is superb, offering functionality in a simple package. The app itself is free, but you will need a subscription (or someone else’s details, hem hem) to view content.

Best game – Sonic Racing (Free w/Apple Arcade subscription, App Store)

Sonic Racing and the Apple Arcade service in general represent the culmination of Apple’s relative dominance in the mobile gaming space. The game itself has incredible graphics, tight controls, and an emphasis on strategy, but it’s Apple Arcade as a whole that’s worth trumpeting. For a fairly low price, you get access to a multitude of high-quality games, bypassing the App Store’s somewhat deserved reputation for shovelware. If you’re an iPhone user and a gamer, you need Apple Arcade.

Best camera app – Spectre ($2.99, App Store)

If you’re used to shooting photos with the iPhone’s stock camera app, wait until you get your hands on Spectre. This app allows you to shoot long-exposure without any tripods or external equipment; instead, it uses a series of extremely clever software algorithms to emulate the same effect. Once you’re done, you can save what you’ve done as a Live Photo, meaning you can check out everything you’ve done since you began. Spectre is a must for any iPhone camera aficionado.

Best chat app – WhatsApp (Free, App Store)

It’s easy to know whether an app is taking off in a big way or not by asking one simple question: is it replacing its function as a verb? Google is a great example – we no longer search for things, we Google them. Similarly, we don’t chat to our friends, we WhatsApp them. This chat app’s features and functions are legendary; from group chats to sending media and links, WhatsApp lets you do it all. If you like to chat with your friends, you need WhatsApp.

Best fitness app – Fitocracy (Free, App Store)

Have you ever struggled to maintain your fitness? Wish you had a collective of people around you to help you achieve this? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you need look no further than the excellent Fitocracy. This app offers a full fitness-based social network, so you can send encouraging messages to your friends (or remind them when they’ve missed workouts!). Naturally, there’s also a leveling system included so you can track your progress.

Best music streaming app – Apple Music (Free – subscription required, App Store)

While Apple Music may not be the best music streaming app out there full stop, it’s definitely the best option for Apple ecosystem users. All of your settings and preferences can be saved and synced across devices, so if you’re an iPad or Mac user, you’ll want to use Apple’s streaming service. Its selection is great, and its iPhone app is satisfyingly minimalistic without being feature-poor. Spotify and Tidal may have it beat on pure functionality, but for Apple users, Apple Music can’t be beat.

Best podcast app – Pocket Casts (Free, App Store)

Apple’s own podcast app is not too shabby, but for pure functionality, it’s hard to top Pocket Casts. This app collects all of your favourite podcasts in one handy place and offers excellent playback and synchronisation options. There’s a subscription tier, too, which allows you access to a few extra features like between-device syncing and exclusive icons. You’ll probably get everything you need from the basic free tier, though, so get downloading!

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