How Technology Has Changed Visual Branding Forever

The brand is one of the most powerful tools of any business. It gives both a face and a heart to the business. Nowadays, visual branding is more important than ever, too, as the internet has made the visual side more accessible in more ways. That’s not the only way that technology has made it easier to create a stronger visual brand. Here are a few ways you should consider implementing.



Get on mobile social media

Social media is one of the most popular uses of all smartphone and tablet devices, as well as having a strong user base on home computers. In particular, Instagram and Snapchat make it easier to connect with your customers in a variety of ways. For one, it makes the perfect place to give your products a visual showcase. But it can also show the human heart of your business. Photos of your team at work, in development, and at events can be a great way to give people a sneak peek inside that creates a more human connection.

A new lens on life

In the past, professional looking photography wasn’t all that accessible to every business. Now, you can take aerial photos all the easier with drone cameras available from places like RotorCopters. Not only that, but the high-fidelity of smartphone cameras, paired with easier and more accessible photo editing software means that fewer businesses have to rely so much on stock photos or expensive professional photographers. You can achieve a broader variety of photography looks with some easily accessible tools.



Youtube is for you

It’s not all about photography, either. Video marketing might have only been available to those who could pay for access to television access but Youtube has changed that. Not only is it more affordable to get video adverts placed where they need to be. You can create a channel dedicated to your business and your industry. Content marketing has proven a hit. Starting a Youtube channel is just a more visual way of doing that, providing helpful tutorials and entertaining content with your brand attached to it. This can show the industry and technical expertise people will expect of the business.

Long live the infographic

Content marketing is also about delivering information that can show online visitors the potential benefits of joining you as a customer. You might have all the stats they need to hop on board, but how do you deliver it to them without them losing interest? Recently, infographics have proven to be the answer that you need. Software like Piktochart makes it easy to develop and deliver infographics. The more aesthetically pleasing and less content-bloated your infographic is, the better. All it takes is a little visual twist to make stats and figures all the easier to read.

The right visual branding methods can not only make you more visible. They can improve the connection of your customer to the brand, improve the photography for even amateurs, and make it a lot easier to get your point across. Start implementing the right tech into your visual branding new.


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