Setting Up A Website: The Beginner’s Guide

Once you take one look at a website, you know whether you are going to do business with that company or not. As you can see, websites are incredibly important marketing tools, yet most businesses don’t use them to their maximum potential. That is an impending disaster for obvious reasons, and one that you need avoid at all costs. Setting up a website, and business, is not easy, which is why there are certain tips and tricks you must learn first. Please, don’t make one of your biggest business decisions on a whim.

Get Your Domain Name

Before you can do anything else, you need a name for your website. A domain name is critical because, without it, customers won’t be able to find your site on the cyber highway. The best way to think of a domain name is to name it after your business. If your business name and your website are different, people won’t think of you or make the connection. And, you could lose revenue as a result. You will have to pay a small fee each year for the name, but it is well worth it for all the extra profit your website will bring.

Choose The Right Host

There are a lot of variables that go into choosing the right web host, not least the amount of money it costs. A web host is where your website is going to live for the foreseeable future, so it is akin to renting or buying physical office space. Take the decision as importantly as you would if you were renting office space. Some hosts might even try and impose their methods on your site and that is not acceptable. For example, they might say you have to advertise their company, but you might not be a company that believes in plastering your site with ads.


image: pixabay

The Aesthetics

As the good people at Band of Coders will tell you, the aesthetics are incredibly important. When it comes to websites, the aesthetics are what will keep people coming back for more. If consumers cannot navigate your site with ease, they simply go elsewhere to a website that they can. There are so many options available that there is no point wasting time with an ugly and inefficient website. Now, you can do it on your own, but hiring a web designer is preferable. Designing websites is not easy work, but a good designer can turn your dreams into a reality.

Testing… One, Two, Three

When the site is ready to go, you have to make sure it works. Don’t just listen to what the experts tell you because that is naïve and irresponsible. You need to make sure it is what you paid for and does the job you want it to before you go live. Otherwise, it could set you back a long time.

Get It Noticed

There is only one more thing left: getting noticed. The basics of search engine optimisation and online presence are essential for increasing traffic. Also, don’t forget how effective social media platforms are at advertising for free!

If you hit these five basics, your website will be an integral part of your success.


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