Revealed: The 4 Best Card Games For Your Android Device

Card games are one of the most culturally prevalent pastimes ever. For centuries, people have been putting those simple cards to good use and having endless fun. When the technological age came, the first popular personal computers all included digital versions. Be honest, how many hours did you waste playing Hearts or Solitaire on Windows 95? I bet it’s more than you care to admit.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why card games have remained so relevant. Even in the face of competition from arguably more sophisticated forms of entertainment. Even today, people still love getting lost in a good card game with friends and loved ones. It’s usually the first port of call for entertainment during a blackout.

With apps becoming as popular as they are, they seem the perfect platform for resurrecting the love for card games. And many developers are seeing the value of releasing their own themed versions. Here are some of our hand-picked best. If you play bingo or other casino games, and haven’t tried the following games, then certainly consider giving them a go.

Winning Baccarat

If you want the thrill of the casino in your handheld device, look no further than this offering from developer 98poker. The game of chance is incredibly popular in casinos all over the world, but few developers have brought it to platform gaming. That makes Winning Baccarat a rare breed. If you’re a fan of this long-time casino staple, then you should grab the app with both hands, play Winning Baccarat, and try your luck.


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Live Hold’em Poker Pro

Are you a fan of Texas Hold’em? Do you long for a game against real people with real brains? Then this one is for you. Although it’s great playing against the AI, sometimes it can feel a little bit repetitive. This app solves that problem by being exclusively online. You’ll get matched up with other like-minded online players as you try and outwit one another. Best of all? There’s no need for a poker face as you’ll enjoy total anonymity.


Like the above, this developer saw the value in combining a whole bunch of games under one umbrella. The only difference is that CardShark crams them all into one affordable app. You’ll feel eerily nostalgic about the 90s computer style presentation. You’ll find all of the classics and a few other lesser-known games. A great way to waste a few hours on games you know and love, and those that you haven’t heard of before. Customization is a big thing with CardShark, as you can choose to edit your decks.

AI Factory Limited

This no-frills developer has gained traction on the Play Store for their offerings that remain true. As so many others try to put their own spins on classic games, AI Factory Limited are set on staying true to the classics. If you’re just interested in a quick, familiar game of an old classic, these are for you. Over the years, they’ve released countless versions of all the classic card games, so you’re certainly spoilt for choice. You can check out their complete collection on Google Play.

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