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New Tech Is Making Air Travel Better For Everyone

How much do you hear about lost luggage on flight? You would expect the chances of losing your luggage to be statistically, quite high. But apparently, the peak in 2007 was 7 bags lost every thousand passengers. When you think about the issue of connecting and delayed flights as well as common theft, that number sounds about right. But things are about to get even better. Airlines are introducing package tracking. That means you can see when your bag is tracked in where it is. So if you’re worried you can make sure that your bag is safely on the plane underneath your feet. That will certainly be a load off people’s minds when they want to just enjoy a long vacation. But it has made us wonder how else technology has improved air travel?

Air Security

Just a few years ago one of your biggest fears getting on an airplane wasn’t losing your luggage. People were fearful of a terrorist attack. Planes were being targeted frequently. Everyone was worried that another terrorist attack would occur. These days, in the event of a terrorist attack, planes are still grounded. But when situation is normal people feel more secure travelling by air. This can be seen by the huge increases in recreational air travel over the past few years. What makes them feel so secure? It’s got to be the tech that monitors everyone boarding a passenger plane. As well as this, there’s new tech on the plane to stop people having any chance of entering the cockpit. Gone are the days when a pilot would greet the passengers on a flight. But if it’s protecting our safety perhaps that’s for the best.

Flight Management

Airline owners today have one major concern and it should be a fairly obvious one. As the cost of fuel rises so to does the cost of air travel. Airlines can’t afford to rise their prices. By doing this, the risk putting their services outside the price range of the majority of people. Their only option is to instead make sure that they are doing everything they can to reduce costs. One possibility businesses are considering is making sure flights are as efficient as possible. They can do this with a pilot logbook download. Using this software, pilots can monitor their flight time as well as their fuel usage. They can then alter their plan for the flight to converse as much fuel as possible.

Customer Service

Finally, it’s difficult to think about technology and business without customer service. Airlines are doing their part here as well. It’s easier than ever to buy tickets for flights online and you can even check in without going to the airport. This saves time when you go to catch a flight and that’s no bad thing. Particularly with the increases in tech security that you’ll encounter in customs.

We can only imagine what tech will be used by airlines in the future. Perhaps soon there will be face scanners to reduce the possibility of illegal immigration. Or, maybe a new advance in tech will see more fuel-efficient designs for planes. Either way, we’re sure tech will play it’s part in securing the future of air travel.


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