Live And Teching: Tech For A Great Live Event


Running a live event, whether it is a conference or a concert, requires the operation to run really smoothly. Technology leaps now make a live event a multi-sensory experience. As well as this, social media and conferencing technology make a live event a more interactive one than ever before. When the tech goes down in the office, it can cause a lot of annoyance. If there are technical issues in a conference or live event, it can be really frustrating to get the event back on track. If you are thinking about giving your event a spectacle that people will be talking about for months afterward, then you might want to think about using these for a unique experience.


This is an app that can be used to offer free mobile driven event schedules as well as maps. This can be used to great effect in any live event, whether it is a trade show, a conference or anything on a much larger scale, such as a festival. There really is no event that is too small for this app!

The setup consists of just filling out some forms online with the details of the event itself. Users of the app can then access the event, either by iOS, Windows Phone, Android,  and BlackBerry. The basic event sites don’t cost anything to build and market. But a premium version is available too. It has photo sharing features and interactive maps as part of the additional features.


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It’s expected now that people have Wi-Fi access wherever they go. Not just that, but it needs to be Wi-Fi of the highest quality. You can have your Enclosed Generator Sets running at optimum power, but if the Wi-Fi isn’t up to scratch it can make the event a lackluster affair. Getting short-term Wi-Fi for a live event is usually a tricky customer. But with the Meraki company, they offer a promotional agreement to loan you the equipment. You just need to provide the internet connection. All you need to do is go to their website and apply.


If you are giving away tickets to your event, Flavorus can help give you information on attendees or on how much money you’re making. It can help to manage RSVPs and offer a ticket with your company’s logo on it and payment processing options. And these are all available on tools you can use easily. Using this, customers can then pay for a ticket online or using their smartphone.

Advanced features include the ability to offer custom discounts or tp establish payment plans for tickets that are more expensive. This service is free if you are running a live event, so it’s worth giving it a go!

Bag Tags Inc.

A live event is just that, live. In person. So if you’re running a conference, you are going to need to invest in some lo-fi tech that people can wear around their necks. If you want to invest in items like name badges and lanyards, Bag Tags Inc. provide attractive custom lanyards for a low price.


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