Job Applications Go High-Tech

High tech is quickly taking over every facet of our lives, from the way we work to how we spend our time waiting for the bus. Surprisingly enough, there is one traditionally tech-less field that has only lately made an impressive leap forward to become less paper, and more technology-based.

If you’re used to the old-school way of applying for a job, it’s time to learn the 21st century job application systems. You can be one step ahead from the pack and use your knowledge to increase your hiring chances.

Welcome to the new techie world of job applications!

1)      Online Job Forums and Websites

Looking for a job? Your chances nowadays are far improved by looking online, rather than through traditional pathways like newspapers or boards. Companies today take the easier tech-based option– a quick post in a job forum or website will get the opening seen by thousands. Applicants can then send their CV by email, so there’s virtually no waiting time for the HR department.

Be smart and strategic – find and follow the best job boards and websites online and in your region.

2)      Applicant Software for HR

Gone are the days when resume papers piled up on the desks of the HR department. Today’s human resources offices have gone hi-tech, saving on the printing and storage by transferring the entire process online. A free applicant tracking system will help the company store every resume they receive, track the applicant’s information and contact history, and rate the person for the job. Other people in the company can also access the information and comment on the applicant.

What does this mean for you? Basically, that all your information and email history will be viewable to all employees, not to mention, that you will be rated and judged quickly. If you get a low rating, it could show up each time you apply to the company.  First impressions are now even more important!

3)     In-store Job Kiosks

This is mostly a new retail store strategy, but one that is taking over. In-store kiosks are set up in companies and stores, ready for you to view any job openings and quickly apply. You will have to fill in a questionnaire that will give the HR department a good idea of who you are and whether you’re a good fit for the job. Crazy as it sounds, you may even be hired before the end of your stroll through the mall!

4)    Googling and Social Media

Do you have a Facebook profile? Chances are that you do… How are your privacy settings? Have you checked through your posted and tagged photographs? Companies are being smart about researching their candidates – a picture of you drunk at a party could be the difference between being rejected or accepted to a position. Make sure you are careful about what shows up in your social media profiles, and check if there’s anything negative to be found if you Google your name.

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