Is Your Business Tech Savvy?

The office environment has changed drastically over the past couple of years. We’ve gone from paper-filled shelves and filing cabinets to having hard drives and computers take over most of the storage work. No longer do we have a mail department that sends out your weekly newsletters and bills, we have the internet for that.

The work environment is quickly becoming a digital landscape, and there’s no sign of it stopping. More and more businesses are upgrading their traditional systems by installing computers and networking software, and chances are you’ve also done the same. 


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However, where do we go from there? Technology has changed our offices for the better. Businesses are faster, more efficient, and cheaper to run than ever before. As far as we’re concerned, this is the pinnacle of office technology and there’s nothing beyond this.

But that is fatally wrong.

That is exactly what our predecessors thought. “This typewriter is amazing! We don’t need to hand-write anything anymore!”. And then a couple of years down the road, what did we invent? The computer, the keyboard, the internet. Technology is always advancing, and if it’s not for the sake of recreation it’s for the sake of making us more money.


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Smart Devices Let You Work from Anywhere

Who doesn’t want to work from home nowadays? Who doesn’t want the ability to work on the opposite side of the world and sync work and documents in a flash? Smart devices are becoming an increasingly popular tool for businesses to give their employees. Need to send someone to another country for a meeting? Equip them with a device such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet and they’ll be able to conduct work no matter where they are.

This also ties in with employee happiness and productivity. There are no more excuses for sick employees to take time off when they can easily respond to work queries and get some work done at home on the toilet with a phone. It also allows your employees to spend more time with their families away from the office if they are able to continue working with a laptop or tablet device.

Instead of upgrading your office equipment, invest in mobile devices such as laptops and tablets to give your employees. Most people these days are extremely tech-savvy and understand their way around these devices, so there’s virtually no training involved.


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Utilise the Internet to Hire Anyone in the Entire World

Stop restricting your business to just your employees. Hire freelancers and accept national or international workers that can work from home. Instead of hiring people within a 50-mile radius, you’ll have the entire world at your fingertips if you decide to open your business’s doors to the world.

Outsourcing work is a major boon to any business. Sometimes, it’s better to hire a freelancer for specific work and pay them on a per-job basis instead of getting someone unqualified from your workforce to do the job. It’s also better than hiring someone in a long and drawn-out recruitment solution process for a specific job, only to have them lounge around and be useless later on.

Installing the relevant systems to support freelance work, such as web conferencing software, will be a great boost to your business’s productivity. Hire talent from all across the world, speak to them face to face via the power of the internet and get tasks done faster and more efficiently.

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