Is it Time To Start Using iPads in Schools?

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As technology evolves to a stage far beyond anything most of us could have imagined as children, it’s important that we all move with the times and adopt the many different products available. That said; it’s even more vital that we teach our children how to use these devices, as they will have to deal with even more advancements within their lifetime.

So, the question of whether we should allow iPads in our schools has become a hot topic of late, with many people voicing their opinions on TV news shows and forums across the internet. Some believe that these Apple devices will provide a brilliant new learning aid; others insist they will simply get in the way, and with that in mind, i’ve compiled this short article in an attempt to explain the pros and cons. Hopefully this will alleviate some peoples concerns.

Undeniable Pros Of Using iPads In Schools

  • iPads can be used to replace traditional workbooks and textbooks, which will obviously save a considerably amount of trees and lessen our impact on the wider environment.

  • These devices provide WiFi access to the internet, meaning that students will be able to start seeking out their own answers rather than relying on a sometimes less than well equipped teacher to dispense information.

  • All work can be saved online using cloud software which will result in a far quicker marking and feedback process – this will also mean teachers won’t have to carry hundreds of books home with them.

  • Spelling and grammar checking apps will mean that students instantly know if they’re making mistakes, and will result in them handing in far superior work. Although some of the smarter kids are already outsourcing their essay writing to companies like these days; and no it’s not illegal, it’s totally legit in fact, but that’s another story altogether.

Worrying Cons Of Using iPads In Schools

  • Teachers will have far less control over the materials their students view during school hours, which could mean an increased element of distraction.

  • Most schools ban the use of mobile phones during lesson times, but if all the students had iPads, this would be pointless as they could simply email each other. There are also safety concerns relating to chat websites and other social hubs.

  • Insurance costs would rise as schools added extra cover to their policies to allow for thefts and breakages of these rather expensive devices.

  • iPads would encourage students never to learn the importance of spelling words properly, as it’s much easier to simply click the red squiggly line.

Well, there you have it my friends. Those are the arguments that most people present when this topic arises, so now it’s down to you to work out on which side of the fence you sit. Personally I think that restricting new technology in schools is extremely counterproductive. Most of the students you’re denying iPads for will have to use these devices every single day during their working life – so why would you want to hinder their progress?

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