iPhone Apps Every Citroen Owner Should Have!

Citroen is a popular and well-respected French car manufacturer that have had a string of awesome models which have proved to be highly popular with British and European motorists alike.

Photo credit: FotoSleuth (via Flickr).

Their eye-catching designs might not be to everyone’s tastes (style is rather subjective, after all), but one thing Citroen cars can always claim is that they are head-turners – and this is one of the reasons why millions of Brits buy Citroen vehicles each year!

The popularity of the Apple iPhone smartphone has inevitably meant that quite a large proportion of Citroen owners can be seen sporting these powerful mobile devices in their stylish French cars. Should you be one of these happy motorists, why not check out these must-have iPhone apps for Citroen drivers:


Those of you who are Citroen fanatics will absolutely love the Citroen app for the iPhone! It is packed full of news, information, images and videos relating to this iconic French car manufacturer, and is a must-have app for enthusiasts and new owners alike.

A cool feature of this app is that it lets you chat to other Citroen enthusiasts around the world, so that you can swap and share stories about your motors!

Download the Citroen app from the App Store (£0.69).

Performance French Cars

Many car enthusiast magazines are now available to subscribe to digitally from devices such as the Apple iPhone, and the Performance French Cars is no exception to this rule. Available on a number of subscription levels via in-app purchases, you will be able to read about the latest French performance hot hatches to grace the streets of Britain and beyond!

If you are a petrolhead, this is one app you seriously need to get for your iPhone!

Download the Performance French Cars app from the App Store (free).


The official CITROËN UK app is an essential app for your iPhone as it enables you to learn of new Citroen models for sale by the French car manufacturer, and you can even check out some cool photos and videos of their latest cars!

Within the app, you can also access the company’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr feeds so that you can immerse yourself with what’s happening from the firm!

Download the CITROËN UK app from the App Store (free).


Another official Citroen app is Citroën_RC. If you have a scale model Citroen DS3 WRC radio-controlled car that you have purchased through your local main Citroen dealer, you can use this clever app to control its direction and speed!

It offers features such as multiplayer modes, instructions in seven different languages, and you can choose between 27 MHz and 40 MHz frequency modes.

Download the Citroën_RC app from the App Store (free).

Ultimate Car Specs Lite

Do you ever find yourself unsure of the specs of any Citroen models past and present? If so, what you need to do is download the Ultimate Car Specs Lite app from the App Store for your iPhone so that you will have all of the information you need from the tap of a finger!

Download the Ultimate Car Specs Lite app from the App Store (free).

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