Why Instagram Is the Hottest Social Media Platform

According to the founder of L2, Scott Galloway, Instagram got the place of highly powerful and stronger social media network just in two years. The online content has been moved from the text form to visual form, which can be processed 50 times quicker by human brain as compared to the text. He identified that most of the traffic is directed towards brands from the Instagram being the high valued traffic, which means that it is more likely to buy brands from there and to get much higher order value on average. Moreover, the advertising business of Instagram is on the route for generating $250 to $400 billion in 2017.

The co-founder of Olapic, Pau Sabria stated the connection amid the e-commerce and Instagram. Olapic linked the platform to the clients of the e-commerce websites for boosting the sales, as viewing the things in real life may prompt the customers for taking the last step to buying. Sabria told that the secret to the Olapic’s business is to find what is more frequent on Instagram to be purchased.

Following are some of the reasons which made Instagram the hottest social media network:

•    Free to use:

No ads – The platform was very clear regarding this thing from the start, and later on, Facebook followed the same trend. Also, although few of the brands got a chance to put the ads on Instagram, still this is one of the major places where you don’t see much ads.

Aesthetics – Being a visual based platform, the pictures put a much pleasant method of communicating, for sharing the details of the life, for promoting what you own to offer, for asking questions and so on. As the filters tools offer the services to make photos even more pretty. Nearly every account with the big follower base is aesthetically strong. The influencers and brands follow the content strategy, a particular pattern and create their account as a work of art. You can learn to make life easier and much innovative by Instagram.

Engagement – One of the main cool aspects about Instagram is the way it keeps the people engaged. Dissimilar to Twitter, for example, all of your old posts will remain reminded by the platform. People can access them via hashtags, or by going down by scrolling your profile. More than this, the users keep on like, comment and follow the accounts. This network doesn’t sleep. More you use it; higher is the engagement you get back as a return.

There are some special tools which can be used to enhance the engagement in Instagram, by purchasing the likes, and followers for your profile. Vibbi is one of these tools that help you to buy real Instagram followers at affordable rates.

•    Simple interface:

Speed – You can speedily get a picture, pass it through filters to make it look beautiful and post it. It gets instantly visible to people and will start to appear in the feed.

Fun – Users don’t like much to go through the texts, however the photos can be a source of information for everyone. Many of the business owners promote their brands, services through pictures, some people share quotes or send reminders of upcoming events in form of the pictures. Users admire to see the visual content which is found in large amount on Instagram.


To gain the most of the benefit from the hottest social media network, you need to search for your niche, set your goals, have a complete strategy and try to be consistent about it unless you are able to reach your potential audience and decide to monetize it. Along with this, have the fun, best learning experience, and make a lot of friends along the path.

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