How To Keep Your Business Backed Up & Safe From Attacks

One of the most terrifying threats to modern business is hacking. The breach of customer data will cause huge damage to your company. Just look at the recent high-profile hacks at Vodafone and TalkTalk to see for yourself! Data breach is a serious subject, and your company needs to protect itself. The first step is backup, and the second is active protection. A data breach could cost your company thousands, not to mention irreversible damage to your reputation. Here’s how to safely secure your company from the inside out.

Use the cloud

Cloud computing is now the safest and most secure option for modern businesses. Rather than storing data and information on a hard-drive, you upload it safely to the cloud. These online systems are much harder to infiltrate, and can’t be accessed by general thievery. We spoke to the experts at RedPixie to find out more about the security benefits of cloud computing. They explained that the vast majority of data breaches come from stolen hard drives, laptops, and company Blackberries. By using the cloud, you eliminate this risk.

Double up with secure hard-drives

While the cloud is certainly the most secure place to store data, it doesn’t hurt to backup your backups! A secure hard-drive in a private location is a fantastic addition to your company. It will automatically keep your files secure, and away from prying eyes. Just make sure these backups are kept behind lock and key. It’s a simple piece of tech that every business needs. Where possible, invest in the best backup systems you can afford. It doesn’t pay to skrimp on security.

Physical copies

Sometimes, the old-school methods are the best. We don’t recommend leaving confidential data lying around in your filing cabinets. However, it’s a good way to keep your general files and data in an accessible location. In the unlikely event that both your cloud system and hard-drives fail, a hard copy might just save the day. Of course, this can cause weakness in your security, so make sure all sensitive documents are locked away. Keep a careful eye on who has access to the files, and keep a strict inventory.

Keep your hardware safe

As we explained in the introduction, the biggest threat to data security is physical theft. If someone gets hold of a laptop, hard-drive or smartphone, they can easily access data. (Especially if it’s not locked in the cloud behind a password). Blackberries and Android phones are especially susceptible, hence the nickname ‘Hackberry’! Always keep your hardware safe, and ensure your employees do the same.

Passwords, firewalls, and encryption

Last of all, try to implement a strong culture of protection in the business. Passwords provide a simple but effective barrier against hackers and thieves. Never use the same password twice, and change them regularly. Ensure your IT department sets up strict firewalls around your data, and encrypt sensitive information.

Following these steps will help secure your business against hackers and thieves. A data breach is often devastating to a small business. Don’t let it cripple your company. Remember, the best offence is a strong defence!



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