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How 3D Printing Is Quietly Changing The World For The Better

If you’ve been following technology blogs over the last few years, 3D printing is nothing new to you. Early adopters predicted that it would change our entire lives and the world around us. They said everyone would have a 3D printer in their home. They said it be as ubiquitous as the telephone.

3d printer

We’re not quite at that stage yet. But, the 3D printer is quietly changing the world for the better. Let’s take a deeper look at how.

Saving lives

3D printers around the world are saving lives every single day. Many modern hospitals now have a 3D printer in-house for all manner of purposes. The most powerful (and most controversial) use is the printing of artificial organs. That’s right, doctors can now print a new body part! A big step was the successful implementation of the first artificial heart valve. Doctors can also print prosthetic limbs, part by part. It is changing the lives of amputees.

Building homes

3D printers are slowly making their way into the world of construction. They give architects and builders the ability to print building materials and tools. It’s a technology that is changing the business and construction world around us. The real impact here will be the speed at which new homes can be built. It will revolutionise the low-income housing industry and help build new homes for those who need them.

Printing space tools

When you’re stuck up on the International Space Station without the right tools, there’s not much you can do! In the absence of fed-exing parts up to space, astronauts are using 3D printers. NASA are now using 3D printers in the space station to create the parts and tools they need. As we start to move towards further exploration to Mars, this will become even more important.

You can print food!

3D printing technology is moving forward so fast, we can now print food. It is completely edible and healthy too. The ability to print food has so many wonderful applications. It could be used in developing countries to help provide essential nutrients. It can be used at food banks across the country. Or it could just help satisfy your midnight cravings when there’s nothing in the fridge!


Plastic is notoriously difficult to recycle. Cardboard can be manipulated, glass can be reused and metal can be melted down and reworked. Unfortunately, plastic is much harder to reformat. With 3D printing however, these plastics can be used to make new things.

Replace that teeny tiny, annoying thing you keep losing

Currently, 3D printing is being harnessed by big companies. They are changing the world in hospitals, construction sites and space. Hardly any of us have one at home. As the price comes down however, we soon will. For a deeper understanding of how we will use them in the home, visit In a nutshell, their main function will be replacing things! Think door knobs, coasters and pen lids; all the things in your life that go missing and drive you mad.

There you have it, folks! 3D printing really is changing the world. It’s doing so in a quiet but powerful way.

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