History – Legends of War Review

Yes, this is a review of a game that’s being released in conjunction with the History channel.  If that weren’t enough to perk up your interests, consider that it’s also a good-looking RTS (real-time strategy) game that’s being hailed as “historically accurate”.  Now, does this mean that the game is perfect?  Of course not…  LoW is by no means a flawless experience, but it does possess quite a number of redeeming features at the same time.  All in all you might say that it’s a game with quite a lot of good mission content that suffers from some really simplistic “flaws” which may or may not rub some gamers the wrong way.

history legends of war
In terms of the story / plot of the game itself, this is supposed to be a recreation of General Patton’s third army trek across Western Europe during WW2.  Specifically, you’ll be directed a barrage of historically accurate vehicles and combat troops across old France and Germany.  Each mission is very interesting in its design and execution and there is plenty of variation in terms of environment to keep the average gamer interested.


Visually speaking, History – Legends of War is certainly nice-looking as far as RTS games are concerned.  The lighting effects are wonderful as are the various models and environments.  Also, it’s worth noting that the terrain is somewhat historically accurate as well – you’ll really feel like you’re directed your troops across a WW2 Europe.  Having said that, sometimes the textures will get a little “wonky” and the camera controls could be much better.


Unquestionably, the one area where this title could have been improved is in the gameplay department.  Simply put, your experience may range from being somewhat “mildly annoying” to completely “broken”.  The truth is, there aren’t many different types of attacks which you can mount against the enemy.  In fact, there are only really two types of attacks and your soldiers seem to be much stronger than the opposing force as well.

history legends of war -

Arguably, the biggest flaw in this game is its control scheme, which may aggravate some gamers beyond the point of actually caring about what they’re trying to achieve.  Additionally, due to the fact that your forces seem to be wildly more powerful than your foes, there’s not much in the way of realism as far as basic combat is concerned.


Those who are really into aspects of WW2 history or love characters like Gen. Patton will probably like this game.  However, the casual gamer might be better served by avoiding this one.  However, if RTS titles are your thing and you’ve been looking for a WW2-themed game to sink your teeth into, this might serve you well.

Rating – 7 / 10

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