Futuristic Men’s Watch Concepts You Wish Existed Today

Wristwatches are one of those essential items that millions of men around the world use on a daily basis.

Available in a number of different shapes and sizes, and to suit all sorts of budgets, watches have always had the primary job of telling us guys the time, but many watches these days offer a whole host of interesting features aside from time-telling.

Here are some of the world’s most futuristic men’s watches concepts that you need to check out!

The Mask Watch Concept

Image Source: Minesh Patel (via Pinterest)

Although this one is just a 3D image render by designer Filip Slovacek, it’s actually a pretty awesome concept for a futuristic watch, and is perfect for those who want a sleek, stylish and minimalist watch!

All that is ever shown on the face of the watch is basically a couple of segments which display the hour and the minute; that’s it!

The Tokyoflash Solaris Concept

Image Source: Abby Scollay (via Pinterest)

Designed by Olivier Demangel for Tokyoflash, the one thing that strikes anyone looking at the Solaris men’s watch concept is the fact that there is no central piece of the watch!

Instead, the time is displayed using a circle inside of the watch, that is then light up according to the current time. Who said that watches of the future had to look like the ones of the past?

The Endlesstime Concept

Image Source: Lorna McCormack (via Pinterest)

Designed in the form of a Möbius band, the Endlesstime watch is a futuristic watch concept that does not require any manual adjustments or batteries.

Instead, the time is fed to it via a satellite link (with the time automatically accounting for the local time zone), and the watch itself is powered by kinetic energy. It was designed by Alexey Bykov.

Touch Skin OLED Watch Concept

Image Source: John Delaney (via Pinterest)

Some people think that watches of the future have to look like some weird contraption (a bit like some electric cars), but this awesome 3D render by designer Niels Astrup proves that futuristic watches can look simplistic, sleek and sexy all at the same time!

As you might have guessed from the title, this concept features an OLED touchscreen display and can connect to your computer or smartphone via Bluetooth. It also does away with the requirement for manual periodic adjustment, as it can automatically adjust the time over the air!

Integralus Concept

Image Source: Veronica Galbraith (via Pinterest)

Most wristwatches, these days, have adjustable straps that work in a similar way to the belt on your trousers, and some even have chain links that you can have modified to suit your wrist, but these watches don’t really have that sleek unibody design which many people crave for.

One alternative to those style of watches is the Integralus concept created by Russian design house Art. Lebedev Studio. It’s a pretty unique design and requires you to detach part of the watch face when you want to remove it, and reattach it when you want to put it back on!

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