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Deadpool Review

“Deadpool” is a rather sideways video game based on the antics of the slightly deranged, yet comical anti-hero of the same namesake.   Lewd, rude and featuring the occasionally semi-nude character, Deadpool is also a game that isn’t trying to conform to the expectations of what many consider to be your standardized experience at all.    Of course dedicated fans of the comic series (of the same title) will immediately take note of the fact that this game is more or less an attempt to capture the nature of the protagonist himself.  In other words, due to the fact that Deadpool is such a zany personality, who doesn’t really fit neatly into the stock “superhero” model, the game might come off as being a tad “mental”.   Regardless, Deadpool the game is actually very unique and should be considered something of an interactive comedic entertainment as well as a video game parody which pays homage to a number of popular styles and memes.



The main or principal graphical backdrop implemented (most of the time) is a polished, highly detailed rendering which is at once modern as well as “animated” in its general appearance.  In short, the game is packing the sort of visuals you’d expect to see from a major release put out by a well-known developer, no surprises there.  However, what makes the game really interesting is how it occasionally forces the gamer into different worlds, like the various sequences depicting an 8-bit game environment as well as a foray into a locale resembling something found in LittleBigPlanet.  Moreover, there are little touches like the subtitles which are displayed in the sort of text boxes you’d find in a comic book.  It’s these little art decisions (and of course Deadpool’s insistence on addressing the player directly {aka, breaking the “fourth wall”}) which really help to drive home the notion that the game itself is not unlike a guided tour.

Deadpool Review


In terms of the gameplay, Deadpool is a relatively straightforward affair.  You hack and slash where appropriate, platform as necessary when in a 2D environment, and of course mash those buttons whenever a quick time event takes place. The point is, this game incorporates fun, yet conventional gameplay that places you in the shoes of a more-or-less untouchable superhero who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.



The truth is, most people are going to be playing Deadpool in order to bear witness to the wackiness that is its highly convoluted, and highly amusing story.  Similarly, deadpool fans are going to love this title by default as it does a rather amicable job of capturing the essence of the character in video game form.   It’s also interesting that this particular game has received a lot of praise from fans and gamers, yet garnered low marks from the critics and pros.  In other words, this is the type of game that isn’t going to please everyone or obey the rules when it comes to resting neatly in a particular genre.

Rating – 7.4

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