Current Technologies We’ll Still Use In 15 Years

Technology evolves so fast that it’s hard to keep up. Some products are introduced to the marketplace and within five years, they are obsolete. That is the trouble with today’s technology. You only have to glance at a list of recent failed startups to see how fast technology moves on. However, every now and then, a product exists that seems immune to technological changes.

True endurance might just be the factor that determines the best technology. With that in mind, let’s look at the technologies that will still be around in 15 years. It’s impossible to predict much further than that. But, we can be sure they won’t be replaced within that time frame. Weirdly enough, each one of these items are ones that have already been around for years.


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The internet’s earliest form of communication isn’t going anywhere. There are always whispers of its demise but it has yet to see a true dip in usage. Yes, instant messaging has become more popular in the social world. However, can you really image your business deals being forged over Facebook messaging? Email is a safe, private medium that allows anyone to engage. More importantly you don’t have to sign up to a third party to be part of it.


Laptops, PCs and the qwerty keyboard

We have seen the slow demise of the PC, that much is true. However, it won’t become extinct. PCs are still the only choice for specialised industries. Their presence may have diminished in the home, but they are alive and well in the creative industries. Laptop sales will also be surpassed by tablets next year. But they won’t die out. They are simply evolving. Lenovo laptops and Microsoft are developing innovative technology in this department. We don’t even know what Apple have got up their sleeves. We do know that the qwerty keyboard is here to stay. Although voice recognition and predictive text is growing, it won’t replace the qwerty for true typing.



People have been predicting the death of cash for years. Yet, it still exists. Even with the increased use of cards and online currency. Cash is crucial to the way inflation works. Printing real money is still an important aspect of economics and avoiding bank crises. It is also the only anonymous way of money transaction.



New ways are opening up to consume our favourite television programmes. Streaming services are becoming the norm through our laptops or tablets. However, they won’t completely replace the living room TV. With innovation constantly pushing in this department, we’ll see curved screens and transparent displays. But, we won’t see its death.

Other technological innovations are here to stay too. There is no contender for Wifi as yet. It will remain the best way to connect on the move for years to come. Likewise, the USB port is seemingly irreplaceable, though many have tried and failed. Websites will continue to be built using HTML code. Although websites themselves will look vastly different in 15 years, the tools will be the same. The future is exciting and technology will change the way we live. Just expect to see these old friends stick with you.


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