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Busy Thumbs: 5 Mobile Apps to Keep You Entertained on a Boring Commute

Whether it’s a quick five-minute bus journey or an hour long train ride, everyone makes a commute to work. But no matter how long that commute is, we always find ourselves looking for something to do or entertain ourselves as we travel. Some of us like to bring books to read, others like to listen to music and some might decide to get a bit more sleep.

However you decide to spend your commutes, there’s no denying how useful a smartphone can be when it comes to entertainment. It’s the main device that people use to listen to music, browse the internet and play games on the go. They’re extremely versatile devices that, assuming you have enough battery, could keep you entertained for hours.

So here are some of the most entertaining mobile apps that you can get for your smartphone. These apps work on both iOS and Android phones, and they aren’t all games.


If you’re big on music, then you’ll want a copy of Spotify on your smartphone. This legal streaming service offers premium services, but the free version is fine if you don’t mind adverts. There’s a huge collection of music just waiting to be explored. You can shuffle through your favourite tracks or discover new music that you’ve probably never heard of before. You can look through specialised playlists for music that you enjoy or create your own, and because of Spotify’s relationship with major record labels, you can listen to the latest album releases on the same day that their physical releases hit the stores.

Online Gaming

You can now experience the excitement and thrills of a Las Vegas casino in the palm of your hands. Be it poker or slot machines, there are hundreds of online casino services such as Casino UK that can be played for both money and fun. There’s nothing quite like the rush of watching a roulette wheel spin or the anticipation you feel when the dealer is about to reveal the last community card, and thanks to technological advances, you can now enjoy it on your daily commute to work on both iOS and Android devices.


If you don’t know about it already, Reddit is one of the world’s leading online communities for just about anything. The front page contains the most popular news and happenings around the world, and there are also specialised communities known as subreddits which can cover anything from video games to cat pictures. Reddit can be viewed on an internet browser, but the viewing experience is enhanced when you use the Reddit app for smartphones. Subscribe to your favourite communities, receive alerts on the most popular or controversial articles and share it with your friends.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a small and inexpensive app that makes it easy for people to find and listen to podcasts from over 300,000 unique shows. There are shows suited for people that love science, history, video games, music or even business. They’re sorted by featured shows, trending and popularity, making it easy for you to find a podcast that suits your tastes. There’s also a search function that lets you type a term or subject, and you’ll be presented with shows that match your search terms.

Podcasts are a brilliant way to pass the time on commutes and long travels. It’s a bit like radio, but the topics that the presenters talk about can be informative, educational or even comedic. With Pocket Casts, you can browse all the episodes to your heart’s content and pause, rewind or revisit whichever episodes you want.


Everyone’s heard of the world-famous video hosting site, but did you know that your phone actually comes with a built-in YouTube app? If you don’t already know about YouTube then you’re missing out on a lot of entertainment.

YouTube content creators cover just about every topic you can think about. From film, television and game critics to comedy sketches and food recipes, there’s something for everyone. You can subscribe to your favourite content creators, leave comments on videos and receive suggestions from YouTube based on the type of videos you watch. YouTube is also a great place to listen to music because there are full-length music videos to watch and listen to. You can also buy access to premium content such as movies and series, known as YouTube Red.

If you’re in the mood to create your own content, you can even upload videos directly from your smartphone onto YouTube. Just create an account, make some videos and upload them!

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