Bored At Work? Here’s How To Waste Some Time With These 5 iPhone Games!

You know how it is. When you’ve got little to do at work, time seems to drag! Sometimes you just want to waste some time doing something fun until you can go home. What do you do if you’ve got nothing better to do? And even your boss is spending their time doing non-work-related stuff because they too are bored?

For most people, the answer is getting out their smartphones and going online. But there’s only so much Facebook and Twitter browsing you can do! Of course, one idea is to play some fun, addictive games on your handset!

The following is a list of top Apple iPhone games that you can play. Just don’t blame me if you get in trouble for playing games at work if your boss decides you should do some work now!

Temple Run 2


Do you fancy yourself as an office-bound Indiana Jones? Now you can put your focus onto something more interesting than your work with the great Temple Run 2 game!

It’s the sequel to the award-winning original and is packed with more fun things to see and do! I like the fact it has better graphics in this new version of the popular game.

Get the Temple Run 2 game from the App Store (Free + optional in-app purchases).

Candy Crush Saga


I’m sure you will have seen the TV and Web ads for Candy Crush Saga. It’s such a popular game; everyone is talking about it! Of course, if you’ve resisted the temptation so far, no-one will blame you if you gave in and downloaded it today!

In a nutshell, Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game set in a candy-esque environment (hence the name).

Get the Candy Crush Saga game from the App Store (Free + optional in-app purchases).

Scrabble Free


Are you the kind of person that prefers word-based games? If so, you will enjoy the famous Scrabble game from the convenience of your iPhone!

The game lets you pit your skills against your smartphone or other human players from around the world. It also has a “teacher” function to help you improve your vocabulary. Keep playing this game, and you will soon become a Scrabble master!

Get the Scrabble Free game from the App Store (Free).

Draw Something Free


No doubt you will have drawn a rage comic at at some point. But what if you want to draw something fun and share that fun with your friends?

Draw Something is a game where you must draw a picture of a random object. For instance, if the app says “onions” you will have to draw something your friends can guess!

Get the Draw Something Free game from the App Store (Free).

Real Racing 3


Are you having withdrawal symptoms from your games console? Do you love playing car racing games? If so, here’s a game that will take advantage of your iPhone’s graphics capabilities!

Real Racing 3 is a popular iOS game developed by Electronic Arts. It’s an award-winning racing game that will keep you hooked for hours!

Get the Real Racing 3 game from the App Store (Free).


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