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Best Kept Secrets Revealed: Technology Big Businesses Use To Stay A Success

Have you ever wondered what separates the big successful businesses from the smaller ones that struggle to break even? The answer is probably as simple as you’d assumed. It’s money, or rather what big businesses can afford to buy that other smaller businesses can’t. Tech is used in big companies every day to keep them running and to stay ahead of the game. If you don’t believe that, just look at some of the incredible innovations that will soon be used by big corporations worldwide. Tech is a massive part of what makes a company successful. We think these are the best pieces of technology that many of the huge multimillion dollar businesses use.


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Data Servers

These days there are companies that run primarily online. In fact, some businesses run entirely online. Facebook is a good type of example of this business. But, since it’s running online, it’s storing a lot of information on the web. That includes the profiles of it’s users and all their personal information. As well as this, they’ll have the account details of advertisers and contracts that they have made with different businesses. They’ll probably also be storing a large portion of their information online. The fact is that storing this information purely online isn’t safe, and it isn’t even possible. If that much information was being stored purely, online Facebook wouldn’t even run. That’s why they use a building data centre company to set up systems where they can store all their files safely. They have their information accessible and protected at the same time.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality in some form or another has been used by businesses for some time. Recently, it has become cheaper for some and more advanced for others. For instance, you may have read the recent story about the augmented reality that will soon be available from Tesco. Using it, you will be able to feel as though you are holding an object from their catalogue. But you’ll see augmented reality strips everywhere and they aren’t new. Until we can play with augmented objects and move them around with our hands, the tech is pretty useless. But that’s exactly what some of the bigger businesses like Sony and Microsoft are working on. Soon, bigger businesses may be able to buy the tech that allows their employees to play with objects in cyberspace. It will almost certainly revolutionise the design and manufacturing industry.

Online Marketing

Many people believe that digital marketing is free. This is technically true, but only if you accept that you will be getting a rather poor service. Take SEO as an example. SEO is a way of getting your company website to page one of a search results using clever tech methods. However, there are only a limited number of spaces on a search results page. That means that if you can invest more money and time in SEO you will be able to get the space over other businesses. That’s why it’s usually the bigger businesses that you find on page one and smaller companies are left further down the results.  

It seems clear now that big companies have a significant advantage over small businesses. But as tech gets ever cheaper that advantage is sure to be short-lived.


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