Best Free Media For Your Mobile

It’s been awhile since the days of Napster when we could download all the music we liked without pay gates. Or, indeed, any of the other myriad ways that we now pay for intellectual property. Most of us now subscribe to some premium service, paying above and beyond for every item we want.

But this isn’t the only way to do things. You can actually get all sorts of high-quality content, all for free. Plus, unlike the days when internet connections were only able to support the transfer of music files, now you can download all sorts of media. Here are a few example of what you can expect to find.

TV Series

On most phones you can get access to recent television shows. But very few host series on their sites for longer than a few days. However, you can now download favourites like Rick and Morty, Fargo or The Fosters for free. If you want to find something for the kids, nothing can beat The Muppets.



Mobile Games

If you’ve got an Android phone, but don’t want to go through the Play Store, you’ve got options. For example, waptrick let you download games from many different genres, all for free. You can choose from a range of classic arcade games, shooting, simulation, sports and many others. Plus, with most of these games you aren’t having to endlessly pay for additional content. This is especially important if children have access to your device and want to play on your games.

Older games are often just as fun, but crucially, they come without microtransactions.


There are thousands of free Ebooks out there to keep you up to date and entertained. Web sites that legitimately sell free books also often have useful titles in their inventory for helping you to be successful. Expect to find tips on how to make your business flourish, or how to avoid common investment mistakes.

They’re also a good source of free information for small businesses. If you’re a business and you aren’t sure about how particular laws affect you, it’s likely someone has produced some free advice. Have a look and save money on accounting and consulting fees.


Getting a decent wallpaper for your desktop is fairly straightforward, but getting one on your mobile is a bit harder, and usually a bit dearer. Finding your ideal wallpaper can be difficult. You want regularly want something new but don’t want to pay for it every time. Legitimate online stores that sell free wallpapers make this a lot easier. You can find a wallpaper that suits your style. Whether you’re into sport or Disney Films, there’s probably something that you’ll love.


I’m fed up with adverts constantly interrupting my enjoyment of online video music content. This is especially annoying when I am using my mobile. This is why I like it when I can just download whatever music I enjoy the most and listen to it over and over without interruptions.

Remember, if you download from a site without pay gates make sure that it’s legitimate. Ensure that all parties have agreed to share the videos free from payment or advertising.


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