Geeks will often have all sorts of weird and wonderful tech gadgets in their homes, such as LED light bulbs and timer plugs that can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet computer app, televisions that also act as web browsers, and more!

But what about in a geek’s bedroom? Sure, there will probably a computer or 12 in there, but when it comes to the bed itself, they will just be a standard kind of bed with anonymous looking bedding, right?

Well to fix that problem, here are 7 bed designs for geeks that TechExclusive readers will love (probably)!

The HiCan High Fidelity Canopy

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This futuristic high fidelity canopy from HiCan is probably one of the best technological sleeping experiences you will ever have!

Developed by Italian designer Edoardo Carlino, the HiCan high fidelity canopy features a built-in JVC sound system, a projector with slide-down 70-inch screen, a 4.1 channel surround sound audio system, a computer (what hi-tech bed is complete with a PC!), and an Xbox 360.

The Millenium Falcon Bed

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If you are a geek (well I assume you are if you are reading this blog post!) and you have a love of Star Wars, then here is the perfect way to geek-up your bedroom by getting a Millenium Falcon bed!

Designed by artist Kayla Kromer, it comes complete with fully functioning headlights and starfield projection!

The Floating Bed

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Are you a millionaire geek? If so, then you should consider deviating from the normal concept of a bed and go for something completely futuristic, advanced and yet amazingly simple all at the same time!

In 2006, Belgian-based Universe Architecture came up with the ultimate geek bed – the floating bed! If you want one of these, it will cost you just over £1 million though.

The Glass Bed

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Mattresses are normally supported on wooden frames (or the floor, for the particularly lazy/minimalistic geek), but have you ever thought about sleeping on a bed supported by glass?

This idea was thought up by Santambrogio Milano. Pretty cool huh?

The Vertical Bed

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Who says you have to be conformist and lie down when you want to go to sleep? The vertical bed lets you sleep whilst you are standing up – perfect for the busy geek that needs to instantly spring into action when they wake up!

The Delta Foldable Bed

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The ultimate in space-saving beds! Designed by Nicola Enrico Stäubli, the Delta foldable bed uses fibreglass-reinforced plastic tubes which can be resized telescopically to suit different mattress sizes.

Space Invaders Bedding

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Any geek worth their salt will have played the ever-iconic game known as Space Invaders. Released as a Japanese arcade game 35 years ago, this 1978 classic also became a best-selling game on the Atari 2600 just over 4 years later.

If you are happy with the comfort levels of your existing bed, why not pimp it out and simultaneously pay tribute to this awesome example of 8-bit gaming by having some Space Invaders duvet covers and pillowcases covering it!

And if you want to get a new “normal” bed but still want some cool bedding like the above, then consider getting yourself one from the folks at