Be the Envy of Your Friends: 4 Stylish HTC One Cases

The HTC One certainly is one of the most stylish smart phones in HTC’s range, however, it also boasts remarkable new software, a few neat Camera Gadgets and a Full Bright and Sharp HD Display. It has a huge 4.7 Inch Display, a very speedy quad-core chip, a stylish metal surround as opposed to the old plastic ones and should be enough to keep HTC in the Smart Phone rat race. Whilst the iPhone 5 has a better camera and Google’s Nexus 4 is an absolute tool for the money the likes of Samsung will still need to take HTC’s new smart phone seriously in order to compete.

All impressive specs you would agree, however, with the huge range of HTC One cases, like the ones offered by Mobile Madhouse and MobileFun, it’s now even easier to put your own style and flare on this magnificent smart phone. Let’s take a look at some of the most stylish HTC One Cases available.

HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell

HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell

If you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your new HTC One but also want a bit of style and personality, then the HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell is perfect for both. It has a very simple design allowing you to slide in your phone and simply close the cap. The case will give you important protection to the whole body including the side of the screen edges in case you ever drop your new HTC One (God forbid). The hard shell is made out of rubber to reduce those slippery grip accidents and is available in 3 different colours to suit your mood. A perfect case for both practical reasons and stylish ones and extremely affordable retailing at around £12.99.

HTC One Double Dip Flip

HTC One Double Dip Flip

A very practical design allowing you to watch media on your HTC One without having to hold it. Pretty cool? This Double Dip Flip case has a premium slim hard shell wrapped in a fabric outer giving you long lasting protection for your new HTC. Whilst maybe not one of the most stylish in many peoples opinions it certainly over delivers on the practicality side doubling up as a phone stand. You can grab one of these cases for around £15.00

OtterBox Commuter Case

OtterBox Commuter Case

Designed with a Polycarbonate outer shell as well as a silicon inner to protect from shocks / drops and bumps this phone case is perfect for the more adventurous outdoors type. As well as all this geeky designed protection the case is also supplied with a screen protector to avoid those nasty scratches you can so often encounter. You can pick up the OtterBox Case for around £19.99.

Belkin Wallet Folio

Belkin Wallet Folio

It does exactly what it says, provides a wallet like protection for your HTC One. This type of case has become common for smart phones and is for more of the business type person. As well as carrying your phone you can fit in your most important credit and membership cards saving you space by having to not carry a wallet on those short trips! The Belkin Wallet Folio is available for the HTC One for around £15.00.

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