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Bad Bots Review

Hearkening back to the days of 2D side-scrolling shoot-‘em-ups, “Bad Bots” for PC is a throwback as it is an interesting diversion.  Sure, it’s not sporting the latest engine or amazingly life-life character renderings, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t still deliver an appealing action – adventure experience, does it?

Bad Bots PC Game -

The game’s story centers on Sam McRae, who is apparently the only person left aboard a massive space vessel after things…took a turn for the worse.  The purpose of this game is to battle through the enormous ship and defeat a rogue A.I. that’s hell-bent on planetary destruction.


Needless to say, this title isn’t meant to be a graphical tour-de-force; instead, it’s a deliberate return to a simpler format where the concentration is geared toward combat.  The various cut scenes (which play out like comic book sequences of sorts) are quite enjoyable and add an air of B-movie madness to the whole affair that’s highly entertaining.  However, don’t get the wrong idea, as far as a 2D game is concerned, Bad Bots looks fantastic and features the sort of hectic onscreen antics that make games in this genre so fun to delve into.


Simply put, you’re going to want to shoot pretty much anything that moves in this game, period.  Don’t go into it expecting some type of deep interplay with conversational dynamics; this is a game designed to challenge your reflexes more than anything.  There are some light puzzle-solving elements which are present, but they are more or less overshadowed by the near-constant onslaught of robots who are ready and willing to put an end to you.  Also, don’t worry; there are plenty of nefarious boss fights too (which really adds to the overall appeal of this title).

Bad Bots PC Game

What seems to keep driving the action forward is the story itself, which isn’t anything particularly new, but has enough interesting twists in it to keep you coming back for more.  Bad Bots is the type of game that features simple, yet deep gameplay.  While the mechanics might be simple, they force you to concentrate on developing your skills as opposed to merely collecting them in the form of skill trees.


Bad Bots is the sort of game that some might find to be very satisfying if not a bit too short.  Naturally there are some rather tedious moments to deal with and some might be turned off by the save system, which requires you to physically find a save room, but all in all, Bad Bots is a solid, modern 2D shoot-‘em-up.  Anyone looking for an interesting diversion will probably enjoy this and vintage / retro fans may end up loving it.

Rating – 7.7


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