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Awesome iOS Quiz Apps You Must Play

When it comes to iOS apps there are plenty of popular choices out there.  From neat and charming touch-screen games to those which are handy for business, whatever you can think of, chance are someone has created an app for it (or they’re in the process of doing so right now).  But what about your mind though, what sorts of apps are there which you can use to expand your knowledge base while perhaps also being entertained?  The natural choice is a triva-based app, of course.  Here are four awesome iOS quiz apps that you absolutely must play…


Right off the bat you should know that QuizCross has hosted up to 30 million players (at one time or another), so you know it’s a popular app with one or more redeeming features.  Not only can you invite and challenge your friends via QuizCrozz, but you can also randomly engage in a battle of wits with anyone across the world.  In essence, you can think of this game as being a cross between jeopardy and tic tac toe as you need to uncover 3 tiles in a row (each featuring a different category) out of 9 tiles, to win.



150,000 questions and 350 categories means that you’re going to be able to use QuizUp for quite some time before you run out of content.  But sheer numbers isn’t what makes this app so great, it’s also quirky as well as stylish and straightforward in its design.  Recently redesigned to work with iPads, QuizUp is more compatible than ever.  This truly is the biggest trivia game in the world, at least for iOS users, that is…

Quiz UP

Quiz Challenge

Deeming itself the “most challenging and rewarding” quiz app on the planet, Quiz Challenge is a great free app that you can use to enhance your general knowledge as well as compete with others on an international scale.  Moreover, since this app is also integrated with facebook, sharing stats and leaderboard figures has never been easier.  If you’re after a more serious trivia experience which is sleek and more “no nonsense” Quiz Challenge is probably for you.


DK Quiz

Yet another excellent quiz app for iOS which features more serious questions intermingled with a number of light-hearted offerings is DK Quiz.  This cool app allows you to play against others as well as solo in answering thousands of questions in a timed fashion.  Actual categories include music, film, history, food, travel, insects, inventions, plants, sports, and animals.  Additionally you can connect with people via facebook and even challenge them to join you.

DK Quiz

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