8 Game Websites to test Your Psychic Powers

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If you believe that you have some psychic abilities and want to make sure for definite that this is true, how do you go about it?

Unfortunately, asking someone like your doctor will not help, it is up to you to find that out for yourself. But luckily there are some fun ways of doing so. Check out these 8 game websites to test your psychic reading powers!

8. Psychic Test (horoscope.com)

If you think you have psychic abilities, then by playing the Psychic Test game you can determine how good your intuition is.

With this game, you will see five Zener cards. You simply choose which card you think is correct, and this action is repeated 25 times, after which you will be told what your results are.

Play the Psychic Test game.

7. The Online Psychic (transum.org)

The aim of this game is simple. You basically think of a number between 1 and 63, and the website will attempt to determine the number you were thinking of.

It is actually quite an addictive game! See if you can identify how it works out the number you were thinking of.

Play the Online Psychic game.

6. Psychic Mind Reader (paranormalfootprints.com)

With this game, you have to do a bit of mathematics according to the instructions on the website and then when you have worked out the result, simply look for the number on the chart and concentrate your eyes on the symbol next to the number and the crystal ball will show you the symbol you were thinking of!

Play the Psychic Mind Reader game.

5. Genuine Psychics’ Psychic Test (psychic.com.au)

This game helps you to fine tune your psychic abilities. Basically, what you need to do is drag the correct shape from other shapes on offer into a box.

If you have a score of four or higher, then this is an indicator that you may possess psychic abilities!

Play the Genuine Psychics’ Psychic Test game.

4. Are You Psychic? (youthink.com)

If you want to determine whether you truly are psychic or not, then you ought to take the Are You Psychic? quiz test! It asks you a series of 10 simple questions, and once you have answered them all you just press the red ‘See My Results’ button at the bottom of the page to find out just how psychic you are!

Play the Are You Psychic game.

3. Psychic Powers’ Are You Psychic? (psychicpower.com)

Another fun quiz to test your psychic abilities! It asks visitors a series of in-depth questions to work out the exact level of your psychic powers and skills.

Play the Psychic Powers’ Are You Psychic? game.

2. What’s Your Psychic Style? (micheleknight.co.uk)

A slightly more low tech game, What’s Your Psychic Style? enables you to determine whether you are a clairvoyant, a psychic detective, a clairaudient, or a clairsentient.

Play the What’s Your Psychic Style? game.

1. Extrasensory Perception Test (astraltest.com)

This test will provide you with a series of practical exercises and theoretical questions to answer, in order to help you work out whether you have natural clairvoyance skills.

Play the Extrasensory Perception Test game.

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