7 Weird/Unusual Beauty Gadgets

It seems women (and some men) will stop at nothing to be beautiful. These days, everybody wants to be perfect, whether that’s from using an expensive face cream, having regular hair appointments, or getting your nails done. But some people really do take it to the extreme, as these 7 weird beauty gadgets will prove to you!

Anti Wrinkle Glasses

Anti Wrinkle Glasses

These glasses closely resemble swimming goggles, so are probably not suitable for the fashion conscious among us. Pop these bad boys on for just 5 minutes a day and you will apparently notice improvement in the condition and tone of your skin. The glasses work using specially designed ridges that massage your face.

Beau Bust Roller

Beau Bust Roller

The Beau Bust Roller is an electronic breast stimulator, used to make breasts appear bigger by rolling over your bust area. Using a gel on the area with the Beau Bust Roller is recommended too for the best results. It’s a wonder why boob jobs are still so popular.

Body Hair Thinner

Body Hair Thinner

This is one weird beauty gadget for all the hairy men out there. This is for men who don’t want to be baby smooth, but feel they might be more successful with the ladies if they only had less hair. The body hair thinner will do just that.

Tube Nail Dryer

Tube Nail Dryer

This is a very weird beauty gadget indeed, especially since things like little fans exist especially for this job. A series of 5 little tubes attached to a pump blow out air when you squeeze the pump with your other hand. Not ideal…But it’ll do if you can’t get your hands on a fan…or can’t be bothered to blow.

Face Slimmer

Face Slimmer

Pop the face slimmer in your mouth and instantly transform yourself into a blow up doll lookalike. That’s not what it’s for though. Using the face slimmer is supposed to trim down your face providing you recite the vowel sounds twice a day.

Neck Stretcher

Neck Stretcher

The neck stretcher claims to make you more beautiful by, erm, stretching your neck. You put this neck stretcher around your neck, and aside from making you look like you’ve had an accident and broke your neck it’ll provide a stretching sensation. This makes us more beautiful apparently.

Nose Straightener

Nose Straightener

Hate your nose? Forget the nose operation – buy a nose straightener instead. This invention gives you the look of being fed through a tube while in use, but apparently works by straightening the little bones in your nose giving you a more refined appearance.

These 7 beauty gadgets are definitely weird – but who knows, maybe they’re worth a go? The majority of them have been created and are in use by the good people of Japan (no surprise), hence the wonderful weirdness. Surgery really is a last resort, not to mention expensive, so forget the boob job and get a beau bust roller. Forget the botox and purchase your pair of anti wrinkle glasses. Forget the facelift and go get your face slimmer. Take inspiration from the Japanese and make yourself weirdly beautiful.

Guest Author: Amie Scott is a prolific blogger who writes about tech gadgets and the handmade diamond jewellery industry. You can find topic contributions from Amie on a number of other technology sites in the UK.


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