7 Weird Ways to Mount Your New Flat Screen TV

Flat screen televisions are very popular nowadays and have pretty much eradicated the old style CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions with the huge backs on them! Many popular High Street stores have completely stopped selling CRT televisions since around 2007 onwards.

One of the great things about the cheaper and lighter flat screen televisions is that they can be mounted either on an included plastic or glass stand, or they can be mounted to a surface such as a wall using a VESA mount attached to the back of the unit.

Now as I mentioned a moment ago, many people mount their flat screens on a wall (which is great for saving space, and offers a much neater appearance), but did you know that some people mount their televisions in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways? Check out these 7 weird ways that you could mount your new flat screen TV!

Behind an antique mirror

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Many people opt to have a television mounted above their fireplaces, but that means they are generally on display all the time. If you want to have a less cluttered look to your living room, and you want to minimise chances of theft, you could always hide your flat screen behind a sliding antique mirror like in the example above!

Inside a mirror

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If instead you would prefer to not have to slide your mirror every time you wanted to watch the TV, then how about a flat screen television that gives the impression of being inside a mirror (it’s really just a clever frame and mirror overlay).

In a coffee table

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Another great place to have your flat screen installed is upside-down on a lid that opens in a former coffee table! Simply open the top of it when you want to watch television, and then close it back down when you are done to use it as a coffee table again!

In the ceiling

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You would normally open a hatch to go into your loft, right? So why not employ the same idea for watching TV! In this example, you would simply open a hatch connected to gas struts that gently opens downwards for your viewing pleasure.

In a bookshelf

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If you have a super expensive flat screen television that you are worried about someone stealing from your home, then why not hide it inside a false bookshelf. After all, who wants to steal a load of books from someone’s home?

In a cupboard

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If you have a more rustic looking home, then how about mounting your flat screen television unit inside of a cupboard?

Behind a picture frame

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Most people have their flat screen televisions sitting on a TV stand in the corner of their room, whilst others have beds with a TV lift at the end of their beds. But for the ultimate in space saving, you could have a flat screen television hidden in a picture frame that you can swivel out!

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