7 Weird and Wonderful USB Gadgets

Most of us make use of a computer on a daily basis, whether it is for our work, or in the evenings catching up with friends, playing games or watching TV. Because of this there are no many gadgets to buy that make use of the USB ports on your laptop or computer, most are very practical and others are just for fun.

In this post I am going to be sharing with some USB gadgets that can be useful but are a bit weird.

1 – The USB Paper Shredder


Now although this may seem a little strange it is actually a nifty little gadget which is really useful. this can be ideal when used in the office. Instead of having to go to the main shredder to get rid of any confidential documents, you can do it right at your desk. There are different styles that you can get from desktop box types, to those that look like a pair of straightening irons, which you hold in your hands and pass the paper through.

2 – USB Stylus Pen


Wherever you go you can carry this pen around with you; it looks and works just like a pen, put inside there can be either a USB stick or memory card. There are different variations and you can choose which one is going to suit your needs. Easily go to meetings with all your information and without lots of equipment, simply use their laptop for your demonstrations. Some of the pens also have recording facilities on them, ideal for studying and making notes in a meeting,

3 – USB Heated Gloves


Keep warm in the office with these great heated fingerless gloves, Simply put them on, plug them in and your hands will be warm in no time, leaving your fingers to be able to still work on typing etc. Some of the gloves have flap over parts to cover your fingers.

4 – USB Flash Drive Football Shirt Keyring

Another item that be easily carried around with you and also represents your favourite team. There is no need to install any programs, just plug it in and thats it. There are other styles you can get like a guitar, dice etc.

5 – USB Air Conditioning Shirt


You are reading this right, this is a shirt that has two fans, one either side of you. The fans are powered up when you plug it in using the USB port, where you can set the rate at which you want the fans to be. As a bonus it can also run off batteries, so if you are not near a USB port you can still keep cool.

6 – USB Massager


If you feel your aches and pains coming on when you are at work, then a massage would really relax you. There are several different types of massagers on the market that can be connected to your laptop or computer, in varying sizes.

7 – USB Cup Warmer And Cooler


I love this, the holder simply plugs into the usb port, it has a section for your cup, which springs down when it is placed upon it. You then set whether you would like the cup to be warmed or cooled. There are various designs of this, including a cookie, and one that is shaped like a mini fridge, big enough to put a can into it.

This post was written by Tech Blogger Joe Smith, on behalf of Kico Lap tray Designs.

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