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7 Funky Fashion Style Apps for Men

Fashion is all about clothes and styles which are next best thing that people will want to check out in order to wear the latest trendy designer gear. You might think this is normally for the domain of the female species, but actually many of us guys want to be wearing on-trend clothes too!

We might normally find out what the latest trends are just by going into our favourite shops and having a mooch around, and we might even spot celebs on television wearing all sort of awesome, trendy and smart clothes. And you might be pleased to learn that in this technological age that we live in, there are many smartphone and tablet device apps we can download which can show us what is currently on trend.

Take a look at these 7 funky fashion style apps for men!

Cool Guy

Featured in Men’s Health UK, the free Cool Guy app is the ultimate men’s fashion style planner and shopping assistant. The app focuses on the clothes in your wardrobe and the clothes that you want!

Download the free Cool Guy app for iOS and Android devices.

Valet Magazine

Valet Magazine is for the modern man, and this free app introduced by the popular men’s magazine is now available on the Apple iPad. It features current news and service-based stories offering information and tips on style, grooming and culture.

Download the free Valet Magazine app from the App Store.

The website offers visitors up to the minute fashion, style and trend information. This free app for iOS devices offers you the chance to check out the latest trends for mens designer clothes.

Download the free app from the App Store.


Next is without a doubt one of the best places to buy trendy men’s clothes from on the High Street, and now this free handy app for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad helps you to find out what’s hot on the men’s fashion scene!

Download the free Next app from the App Store.

John Lewis Edition Magazine

The free John Lewis Edition Magazine app offers loads of fashion hints, tips and more for the stylish gentleman! It is very informative, and offers us blokes some great inspirational ideas for trendy fashion – although I’m not sure about the green jeans above; I prefer a nice pair of Jean Machine jeans myself!

Download the free John Lewis Edition Magazine app for iOS and Android devices.

Men’s Fashion Tips

If you are a guy that needs to work on how to style themselves with trendy clothes, or just do not simply know how to, the the Men’s Fashion Tips app for Apple iOS devices will help you!

Download the Men’s Fashion Tips app for iOS devices (£0.69).

Style Your Hair Men

One of the most annoying things about hair for men is that we might get some nice trendy hairstyle whilst we’re getting our barnet cut, and then when we get home we completely forget how it’s styled!

Now you don’t need to worry thanks to the almost encyclopaedic knowledge on the subject that the Style Your Hair Men app brings you!

Download the Style Your Hair Men app for iOS devices (£0.69).

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