7 Apps to Help Manage your Finances

In this day and age, people don’t need to be using pen and paper to help manage their finances. Do you think companies like Whitehall Financial Advisors manage all your finances that way? Er no.

With millions of people around the world that own a smartphone and/or a tablet computer, it is very quick and simple to use an app for such purposes. We check out 7 apps to help you manage your finances.

Income and Expenditure Management

One of the best apps to help you manage your income and expenditure is the PocketMoney app. With apps to run on iOS, Android and desktop environments, you’ll be able to manage your finances, and keep a track of your spending habits.

The beauty of this app is that if you make a change using a smartphone or tablet app, you could use the desktop version on your computer later and everything will be synced and up to date!

Download the PocketMoney app for iPhone and iPad (£2.99), and Android (£3.10).

Savings Management

Do you need to save up some money to buy a cool gadget? Maybe you are a petrol head and want to put some money aside to turbocharge your engine? Perhaps you just want to save up some money for a nice summer holiday somewhere?

Whatever the reason, you need to get yourself the Savings Goals app. Available for iOS, you simply enter the details of what you are saving for, how much you need to save, and it helps you track what you’ve saved so far.

Download the Savings Goals app for iPhone and iPad (£0.69).

Salary Calculator

If you are worried that you are not paying the correct amount of tax and National Insurance, or maybe you have decided to look for a new job with better pay and want to check what your monthly take-home would be, then this app is for you.

The My Salary Calculator app gives you full breakdowns by year, month, week, and day. And if you get paid by the hour, it also has those handy breakdowns too.

Download the free My Salary Calculator app for iPhone and iPad, and Android.

Food Shopping Management

Do you keep buying more food than you need? Are you sometimes stuck for meal ideas? The Love Food Hate Waste app helps you to keep a track of your food shopping spending and better plan your meals, as well as making the most of your food leftovers.

The authors of this app reckon you can save up to £50 a month with this app as it helps you to throw away less food and utilise all of your ingredients. The app is also free, so we think it is definitely worth a shot!

Download the free Love Food Hate Waste app for iPhone and iPad, and Android.

Cheapest Products

RedLaser is a free price comparison app brought to you by eBay that enables you to compare prices when you’re in the shops with your iPhone or Android smartphone.

All you do is simply scan the barcode of the product in (or type in the name of it) to search for the best deals available in your local area as well as online. Naturally, it will also check for any deals on eBay for you too.

Download the free RedLaser app for iPhone and iPad, and Android.

Cheapest Fuel Prices

Even if you can save a few pence per litre on your petrol, diesel or LPG bills at the forecourt, these savings can soon add up to a significant sum of money.

The PetrolPrices Pro app shows you where your nearest filling stations are, and how much they charge per litre for your desired fuel.

Download the PetrolPrices Pro app for iPhone and iPad (£2.99), and Android (£2.99).

Bill Splitter and Tip Calculator

When you are out with friends or family and you all decide that you are going to pay towards the bill, Tip Calculator helps you by giving you a clever and visual way of how much each person needs to pay for their share of the bill.

And if you all want to give your waiter/waitress a tip, it even works that out for you too.

Download the Tip Calculator app for iPhone and iPad (free).

Images from the Apple iTunes website

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