6 Crazy Cat Gadgets

Cats – you know, those small and furry bundles of joy – have been our feline friends and companions of many thousands of years. As pet owners, we often spoil them rotten, giving them all sorts of treats and toys to play with.

If you are stuck for ideas on what toys to get your cat (or something cat related for yourself), or you want to give them something a bit different, then check out this list of 6 crazy cat gadgets!

Eyenimal Pet Camera

Have you ever wanted to know what your cat got up to when they go and wander off outdoors? The Eyenimal Pet Camera helps you to satisfy your curiosity! This high-tech gadget contains 4GB of flash memory and a long-lasting lithium-ion battery to record their every movement.

The specially designed camera records up to two and a half hours worth of audio and video from your cat’s adventures.

Merry Pets Cat Washroom

An American product, the Merry Pets Cat Washroom is an ingenious way to have a litter tray in your bathroom. To the untrained eye it may look like a bathroom cupboard but it actually serves as an attractive and discreet litter tray for your cat.

It also offers useful storage space both on the top and just underneath the top of the unit, and a stainless steel towel bar on the side.

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

Are you fed up of having to clean out litter trays all the time? Do you wish your cat could use the toilet like we do? If so, then you need to buy a CitiKitty cat toilet training kit.

They are perfect for potty training cats that are 3 months or older, and they work with all shapes and sizes of toilet. You may think this is an unbelievable concept, but it actually works!

Cat DJ Scratching Deck

Sometimes, cats just have the urge to break some beats. They might not appreciate your taste in music, or they might be fed up of listening to the same old songs on the radio.

If your cat aspires to be a DJ, then you need to get them a cat DJ scratching deck! Made of cardboard, the turntable also doubles up as a scratching mat. The tone arm also ensures that their tunes are pitch purr-fect!

FroliCat Bolt

This innovative toy will keep your cat entertained! The FroliCat Bolt is an interactive laser toy that you can either hold in your hand or place on a table that emits different laser patterns.

You can adjust it to suit a variety of surfaces, and when it’s running it will keep your cat entertained for hours!

Thermo Cat Bed

An ideal gift for your cat, the Thermo cat bed is perfect for those cold, winter months (or in fact any time of the year). It has a 4w dual thermostat heating system, and the flexible exterior can be transformed into three different shapes.

The heating unit is removable, and the cover is washable. The Thermo Cat Bed is only recommended for indoor use.

Thanks to Sam Gatt on behalf of Pet Fleas Frontline for Cats for this wonderful Cat Techy blog.

Images by AmazonFroliCat and Seapets

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