5 Top Ways To Spend Your Bitcoin Crypto Currency

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You’ve been hearing about it all over the news, on almost every website online and now you’re extremely interesting in learning how the concept works, right? Well, unfortunately, if you’ve come here to learn how to mine bitcoin or how to make money from bitcoin, you’ll probably be a little disappointed with the content of this post. Both of those issues are far too complicated for someone like me to explain, and you’d do much better looking online a dedicated websites dealing with the whole bitcoin phenomena.

Today, I’m going to discuss what you can do with bitcoins and where you can spend them. For the most part then, this article is aimed at people who already have a stash of the cryptocurrency, but who’re having trouble knowing how to utilise them. I’ve been doing some research online and it seems that more and more places are now accepting this digital money in exchange for goods or services. So, if you want to know a little more about the type of places accepting bitcoin payments at the moment, read through the following paragraphs, and I’ll do my best to highlight them.

1 – Gambling Websites

Bitcoin sports betting is becoming big business of late, and over the past few months more and more online portals have started accepting them as a standard payment option. This is great for anyone who has a few knocking around on their computers likes a flutter from time to time.

2 – Pubs & Clubs

Though there are only a few establishments like this accepting bitcoin at the moment, anyone living in the UK with spare digital currency should head down to the Pembury Tavern where they’ve been accepting payments using this method for almost twelve months now. Likewise, anyone in Australia can spend bitcoin at the Old Fitzroy pub in Sydney.

3 – Bikes & Equipment

A leading cycle retailer now accepts bitcoins as payment for everything from bells to entire bicycles. Many other similar retailers are making plans to follow suit, and so we should see an increase in online sales using the currency throughout the next couple of years.

4 – Private Jets

Admittedly, you’re going to need a lot of bitcoins to rent a private jet for the week, but a leading leasing company has now started accepting the currency for part-payment. It’s important that large companies like this with an upper class client base move towards accepting new forms of digital currency because it showcases its legitimacy to the world.

5 – Clothing

A number of ladies fashion websites have now put procedures in place to start taking bitcoin payments for items via their online portals. Only one major brand has seen this through to the end so far though.

Well my friends, I hope you now understand just how big bitcoin is going to become in the future. If I’ve learnt anything over the last fifteen years since the digital revolution began, it’s that new concepts like this go from strength to strength very quickly indeed.

Have fun spending yours!

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