5 of the Best Car Stereos Made for the iPhone (All Under £100)

There are literally hundreds of different models of car stereo head units on the market which offer all sorts of features. They range from the super basic ones that let you listen to the radio and play a CD, to all-singing and all-dancing ones with video screens and DVD players built-in!

However, if you are looking for a head unit that can play CDs and are compatible with the Apple iPhone, then take a look at this list of the 5 best ones to get for under £100!

5. JVC KDR-53


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The JVC KD-R53 is a 50W x 4 CD head unit which can play digital WMA and MP3 music files either from a CD or from an inserted USB drive. It features a USB port and two auxiliary ports (front and rear), and 2 RCA pre-out terminals at the back with a subwoofer control.

It benefits from a detachable face panel, and is Bluetooth-ready and steering wheel control ready, although some optional modules are required for the functionality of both of those features.

Price: £62.

4. Clarion CZ202E


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The Clarion CZ202E is a 45W x 4 CD head unit which can play digital WMA and MP3 music files either from a CD or from an inserted USB drive. Some of the features it has includes a front USB port and a front auxiliary port, and 2 sets of RCA pre-out terminals at the back for connecting to one 4-channel amp or two 2-channel amps.

It has an easy to operate rotary control, and blue illumination lights up this sleek head unit. The  face panel is detachable.

Price: £80.

3. Sony CDX-GT565UV


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The Sony CDX-GT565UV is a 52W x 4 CD head unit which can play digital WMA, MP3, AAC and ATRAC (MiniDisc users will be familiar with this format) music files either from a CD or from an inserted USB drive. It enables you to connect other devices to its front panel USB and auxiliary ports, and 2 RCA pre-out terminals at the back let you extend your ICE (in-car entertainment) system.

Sony’s CD player also has a detachable face panel, so that you can safely hide it out of view when you are not in the car.

Price: £95.

2. Pioneer DEH-4500BT


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The Pioneer DEH-4500BT is a 50W x 4 CD head unit which can play digital WMA, MP3 and WAV music files either from a CD or from an inserted USB drive. It features a front USB and auxiliary port, and 1 RCA pre-out terminal at the back with subwoofer control.

It is fully Bluetooth enabled, so that you can pair other Bluetooth devices to it such as handsfree units, and the face panel is detachable.

Price: £98.

1. Alpine CDE-171R


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The best CD player with full iPhone controls under £100 to get on this list is the Alpine CDE-171R. This green illuminated head unit features a 50W x 4 built-in amplifier, with the option to connect to a couple of 2-channel amps or one 4-channel amp.

Alpine is known for their superior sound and build quality, and this model is no exception. The face plate, like with the others featured on this blog post, is removable.

Price: £100.

Thanks to Shane brian at GK Group ‘Used Cars Specialist‘ for this great post. I’m sure this will be handy for many of us as we search for wireless ways to hook up our smartphone and tablet devices!

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