So you’ve got an iPad, a car full of kids and a very long and potentially stressful journey ahead of you. What do you do? Well, hoping and wishing that they won’t kick up a fuss isn’t going to be of much use unfortunately, but seeing as you’ve got an iPad there with you, why not put it to good use? We know there’s lots of popular online educational games for children, but what about apps?

We check out 5 iPad apps to keep the kids occupied, and you less stressed out!

Fish School HD (£1.49, suitable for 2 to 6 year olds)

Image by Apple.

Your kids will just love learning whilst playing with these colourful schools of fish! They magically transform themselves into different colours, numbers, letters, shapes and more.

This absolutely brilliant multi award-winning app includes eight fun yet educational activities, and a “playtime mode” provides an interactive environment for kids to just have fun with, helping the app to engage with your kids for hours. Download the Fish School HD app.

Colour & Draw For Kids HD (£1.49, suitable for 2 to 6 year olds)

Image by Apple.

Winner of the best app award by Creative Child Magazine, the Colour & Draw for Kids HD iPad app is more like four apps in one; there is drawing and sketching, a colouring book with 50 drawings of fun objects including animals and landscapes, a photo decorator where your kids can import and draw over their own photos and decorate them with stickers, and finally letter and number tracers. Download the Colour & Draw For Kids HD app.

Strip Designer (£1.99, suitable for 6 to 12 year olds)

Image by Apple.

Your kids can impress their friends with their very own personal comic strips, created on your iPad using photos from the photo album (or they can take new photos using the Facetime camera).

They can select from one of the many page templates included. Photos can be inserted into each comic strip cell, as well as balloons (speech bubbles) with fun words, and they can even add effect stickers like “Boom” or “Pow”, just like in all comic books! And when they are done, they can share their new comic book strip with their friends. Download the Strip Designer app.

Felt Board (£1.99, suitable for 4 year olds and older)

Image by Apple.

Real felt boards used by children and adults across the world inspired the Felt Board iPad app. You can create characters by selecting skin colour, hair and facial features. There are also a wide variety of costumes to choose from, as well as many different settings and props for hours of fun.

The best part of this app is because it’s an app, you won’t lose or have lots of felt pieces everywhere in the car! Download the Felt Board app.

Lego Creationary (free, suitable for 4 years and older)

Image by Apple.

Creationary puts a fun new spin on your Lego creations. With this Creationary app, there is fun to be had for all the family! You can roll the virtual Lego dice to find out which of the 4 categories selected at random you will be guessing – nature, vehicles, buildings or “things”.

You begin the game by using Lego bricks to build an object from the chosen category, and your job is to guess which one of the four possible answers is correct by tapping the illustration you think matches each Lego build. Download the Lego Creationary app.