5 Great iPhone Apps to Help You Lose Weight

iphone_handLosing weight is a priority for a lot of people, and it seems we will try anything to help us lose weight. Whether it’s crazy diets, or diet pills, nutritional meal supplements or wacky workout regimes, we’re always looking for shortcuts to make weight loss a little less painful.

When we look at the iPhone apps I talk about in this post, you’ll see that they are not shortcuts or ‘magic pills’, they encourage safe and effective weight loss and help you keep track of your progress or educate you how to do the workouts.

1. Lose It! (Free)


Lose It! is a free diet app that will automatically create you a calorie budget based on your personal details like height and weight and you weight targets. Enter everything that you eat and any exercise you do in a day and the app will calculate how many calories you have remaining to eat for the day. The database of food is absolutely huge and even has some restaurant food in its database. It can be a little tedious and time consuming putting everything you eat into the Lose It! app but once you get used to it, it becomes a breeze. You can even add favorites so you don’t need to keep typing them out.

2. Calorie Tracker (Free)


Calorie Tracker‘ is another (yeah you guessed it) Calorie Tracker app, made from the guys at LIVESTRONG.com it can track daily calories, fat, carbs and protein intake. It used the 450,000 strong database of food and restaurant items. You can, like Lose It! add physical activity to calculate calories burned.

3. FoodScanner ($4.99)


FoodScanner is a little bit like Lose It! but it has a great extra feature, a bar code scanner. This basically means you can scan the food before you eat it and it will automatically pull in all the nutritional information including calories, protein and carbs for each item of food you eat. If you cannot find the food you are eating in the extensive database you can manually add in each item of food.

4. MyFitnessPal (free)


MyFitnessPal is another calorie counter that will help you work towards your targets given your details. It will reward you for staying on track. Included in this is a bar code scanner that will help you input foods and will calculate how much calorie intake you have on a daily basis. It will also give information on protein and carbs for further details. It is really robust and simply and used by many for calorie counting and weight targets, whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

5. Nike Training Club (Free)


Nike training club has a database of workouts. With over 100 custom workouts it’s like your own personal trainer. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, get toned, or retain your current fitness, Nike Training Club can help with all of this.

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