5 Gadgets You Need To Make Your Home A “Smart Home”

Ok, so we are all aware that our iPhones can do pretty much anything nowadays. They can help us to lose weight, become fitter, see what we would look like if we put on 10 stone, listen to our favourite music and a lot more.

Millions and millions of people own an iPhone, and use it to help them do these things and so much more. People are now even developing gadgets to work in harmony with our iPhones and help our homes to become “smart homes”! If you want to get in on this, here’s 5 gadgets you need to make your home a smart home!

Cloudkey Keyless Entry

Cloudkey Keyless Entry

Download Cloudkey on your iPhone, and you can lock and unlock your doors using a series of letter and number “keys”. You can have up to 16 of these keys, which will allow you to make note of who is coming home and going out. For a one off fee of £350 to get the Simplicikey deadbolt system installed to your home, you can give out different number and letter keys to up to 16 people, program an alert for when your son gets home for example, and you will also get a physical key and remote control.

Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door Opener

Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door Opener

With this cool smart home gadget, you can open and close your garage door using just your iPhone! You can also stop worrying about whether or not you turned the lights off, as the app allows you to do this too. Get this nifty gadget installed for just £229.

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

No matter what your plant is, this amazing sensor will tell you how it’s doing in real time. It contains almost every species of plant you can imagine, updating you when it needs watering, fertilising, or a change of temperature. It doesn’t matter if your plant is indoor or outdoor either as this sensor accommodates both, as long as it’s potted. The sensor uses it’s wi-fi connection to update you via your free app on your iPhone. Genius!

The Lumawake Dock

The Lumawake Dock

This iPhone dock is perfect for anybody who has difficulty waking up in the morning. It tracks where you are in your sleep cycle and wakes you up at the best possible time. This dock will slowly light up, mimicking natural sunlight, and use it’s motion sensor to wake you up in the most natural way. This app can also work with other smart home apps, and can be programmed to turn off the TV when you doze off.

Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat

This is an easy to install gadget that will look good in any home. It’s goal is simple: to help you save money on your heating bills. You can control this gadget wherever you may be with your iPhone or tablet, so you don’t have to worry about any change of plans you may have. You can also customise the Nest Thermostats settings, and have it heating the house just before you come home or even cooling it for sunny days. For just £249 you could save a lot more on your bills. It pays for itself!

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